Anne Guichard, 1993, candidate to the EDHEC Alumni Board of Directors

Published on 09/12/2018
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Anne Guichard, 1993, is General Manager at L'OREAL
She plays an active role in the EDHEC network as:

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Brief presentation

I used to think that my various experiences in marketing, followed by three positions in general management overseas and in France, had given me an understanding of all the consumers of the L’Oréal group. I was wrong: 8 months ago I took up a new role in the group’s digital team, immersing myself in a new vocabulary, new technical skills and a new way of approaching consumer relations! One of the common threads running through the last 25 years of my career has without a doubt been EDHEC, whether through my husband (I’m among the 25%!), my friendships, that little extra something that my EDHEC colleagues have, or the network of graduates, which always meant a lot to me in France and especially overseas, where evenings spent together, conferences and experiences shared were very effective ways of quickly establishing new connections.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

In a world where linear careers are no longer the norm, in a world where interpersonal relations play an increasingly central role, and in a world where each of us needs the benefit of the experience of others, more than ever the network of 42,000 EDHEC graduates has a role to play. And I would like to use my energy and my ideas to serve this association and each year give EDHEC graduates a more prominent role, provide them with the services they need, and use digital technologies as an ultra-effective tool for keeping people informed and bringing them together.

My proposals for this mandate

The current team has done amazing work in professionalising the network, and I see myself building on that work in the same dynamic of modernization. My overarching objective would be to accompany the transition from a linear professional world to a world of multiple opportunities. For the network of graduates, this shift could be organised under a few key themes:
- Collaboration: how to move from a network that puts people in contact to a network of collaboration, from sharing experiences to sharing skills
- Professional visibility in the era of social networks
- Training and information: how to make as much content available as possible to facilitate career changes or transitions and maximize know-how.
For example, when I saw one of my former classmates had become a mindfulness coach, I got to thinking about the extraordinary potential of the resources in each one of us! I look forward to tackling new adventures with you soon!

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