Kirstin Hertel, 2017, candidate for the Board of Directors EDHEC Alumni

Published on 09/12/2018
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Kirstin Hertel, 2017, is Global Head of Change Management at LYRECO GROUP
She plays an active role in the EDHEC network as :

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Brief presentation

Originally from South Africa, I am a qualified Charted Accountant. After completing my articles with KPMG, I worked for SABMiller in their Coca-cola division in Mayotte and South Africa in various Finance positions. In 2006 I followed my French husband to the north of France – a culture and a climate shock ! I worked for just over 10 years at the head office of the French, family owned, Workplace supplies company Lyreco. During this time I had the privilege to engage with teams across 27 countries in cross-functional Finance and IT projects. I have recently completed the Edhec Executive MBA - an incredible experience which also allowed me to discover Edhec. I participate in the annual Jury, am an Edhec mentor and enjoy attending the various conferences and speakers at the Croix and Paris campus.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

I am a new Edhec Alumni but the more I get to know the school and the alumni, I continue to be impressed by the sincerity of the school, the values it incarnates and develops in its students. I would like to contribute.

My proposals for this mandate

I believe that education is the most important factor in empowering people and their communities. The Edhec values and expectations are to make an impact in our environment. With Alumni across world, I would like to support projects that share the richness and experience of the Alumni not only amongst ourselves but also within our local communities.

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