Arnaud Rochette, 2008, candidate for the Board of Directors EDHEC Alumni

Published on 07/12/2018
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Arnaud Rochette, 2008, is CEO at STAFFBOOKER
He plays an active role in the EDHEC network as :

administratorambassadeurmentorspeakerattend events regularlyjuryEDHEC resource

Brief presentation

After securing my diploma, I worked as a sales representative for a leading global firm in the construction industry. Many trips and many projects later, I now find myself immersed in the adventure of entrepreneurship. One digital start-up launched in 2014 ended in failure. Another founded in 2016 led to huge success on the job market for events. I have also been joint ambassador in the Côte d'Azur region since 2010 alongside Julien Magnenet, with the invaluable organizational skills of Brigitte Maïssa. Entrepreneur Cafés, lunches, networking, Retrouvailles, conferences, helping students, etc. In short, it is with the greatest pleasure that I give up some of my time to the EDHEC community.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

I participated in the process of reflection and subsequently the implementation of the new entity, as I was previously a member of the EDHEC BBA Alumni Board of Trustees. It was natural for me to continue to share my vision and be involved in the new and upcoming team. My primary aim is to embody the mindset that has always underpinned our school.

My proposals for this mandate

The first point is to contribute to the network’s digital transition to ensure smoother and more effective exchanges. In this regard, my professional experience can be of use. The second point I would like to raise is the need to promote continuous education to graduates. In this ever-changing world, one can never afford to stop learning. Alumni must continue to educate themselves with the online courses run by the school. Whether or not they lead to a diploma is of no importance, what matters is to maintain our links with the school. My third recommendation is that we make sure we integrate our future “online” alumni – those who have not had the chance to experience campus life having followed a distance learning programme – into the network. It is imperative for these students, whatever their age or background, to share the same renowned sense of belonging to EDHEC that we have all benefited from.

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