Capucine Pierard, 1999, candidate for the Board of Directors EDHEC Alumni

Published on 07/12/2018
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Capucine Pierard, 1999, is Deputy General Manager Data and Expertise at HAVAS MEDIA
She plays an active role in the EDHEC network as :

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Brief presentation

20 years’ experience in marketing consultancy and communications, including 5 years as a marketing strategy consultant. Specialist in the digital transformation and business development mechanisms. Expert in retailing/e-commerce. I was hired in 1999 at the end of my apprenticeship with Carat, then market leader in the purchase of advertising space in France. Missions: negotiate framework agreements and integrate interactive features into communication campaigns by the agency’s advertisers (including Cegetel, Rover and Universal Music). In 2001, I took over as Brand Director with American group Omnicom, where I was tasked with developing expertise in banking (key period for the launch of online banks: Dexia, Société Générale, Cortal, etc.) and telecommunications against the backdrop of conflict between ISPs (Groupe Tiscali/ Alice). I then coordinated Apple’s campaigns in Europe, including the launch of the iPod. In 2004, now serving as Commercial Director with the Havas group, I was given responsibility for a portfolio of advertisers and developing new business for the agency (we secured the budget for ING Direct). In 2007, I took up a role in the Havas e-commerce department to advise pure players (Cdiscount,, etc.) on their communications strategy targeting the broader public, as well as brick & mortars like Nocibé and Darty on how to construct their digital business model. In 2012 I became Associate Director with responsibility for coordinating marketing and communications strategies for the Mulliez brands (Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, Kiabi, Boulanger, Midas, Norauto, Saint Maclou, Flunch, Weldom, Electro Depot, Brice, Jules, etc.). In 2015 I took over as Chief Data Officer with the objective of rolling out data practices across the Havas group (from econometric modelling to big data projects). I was appointed Managing Partner of media activities for the group in 2016, supporting brand development using tailored approaches to marketing consultancy. I was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Media unit and Chief Data Officer of the Havas group in 2017, responsible for managing 800 people. I am originally from the north of France, a passionate practitioner of yoga and married with two children: Sasha (11) and Oscar (7). My latest involvement in the life of the network was as a sponsor for the class of 2015: I regularly take on apprentices at my firm.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

The complexity and transformation of today’s world have reached a pace never before seen throughout history. Business sectors are ceaselessly shifting and taking on multiple forms. Long-standing dogmas are collapsing and reference points are becoming blurred, boundaries broken down. And above all, the pace of these changes means we must learn while walking and walk while learning. How can we give today’s young generations the references and teaching they will need to face the future? How, in such a context of change and upheaval, can teachers remain in sync with reality as hardened professionals? For years I have been studying these mechanisms in the work I have done for businesses from all kinds of sectors. I now wish to share this experience for the benefit of EDHEC as a whole, to make my network available and give those around me the tools they need to understand these issues. I feel it is essential to share my methods, expertise, reflections and work approach at this new juncture in my career. The idea of giving up my time to discuss with others the best way to nurture centennials seems meaningful to me and a way to pass on fundamental values. Indeed, the mechanisms linking the media, data, creation and content have never been so intrinsically linked to the success or failure of a business. Understanding these mechanisms, how they evolve over time and their subtlety is essential if one is to drive the impact of marketing and determine the right bearing for the development of a firm. I feel this vision must be taken into account as part of the mission of the Board of Trustees. Finally, faced with the digitalisation of ecosystems and especially the rise in power of global platforms, I feel the need to promote the position and value of France, to help it shine in terms of skills and know-how worldwide. “To teach is not to fill a vase; it is to light a fire." Montaigne’s words sum up all of the passion I feel when it comes to sharing and my vision of teaching

My proposals for this mandate

Developing strategic plans, recommending action plans, implementing projects, speaking out at meetings, creating links with networks, coaching top executives … having developed these skills for more than 20 years, I can offer a highly multifaceted profile in terms of potential contributions to the board. I have expertise in design thinking and ideation processes, which I would be delighted to use as a way to develop disruptive approaches during brainstorming sessions. It would also be a pleasure for me to make the most of the links I have established with CMOs and top managers from major French firms who are part of my network.

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