07 December 2018

Sylvain Laviolette, 1995, candidate for the Board of Directors EDHEC Alumni

Sylvain Laviolette, 1995, is ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR at EZYPERF
He plays an active role in the EDHEC network as :

administratorambassadeurDonormentorspeakerattend events regularlyjuryEDHEC resource

Brief presentation

As an EDHEC BBA graduate in 1995, I joined the Danone group, and later Kraft foods, where I held positions in Plant Finance, Corporate France and Europe and Worldwide Business Units (with responsibility for an annual budget of 1 billion). After 15 years in financial oversight, I set up Ezyperf, a consultancy firm that also designs and publishes performance monitoring software and budgetary applications. Finance is a key contributor to the performance of both companies and staff, and so my associates and I offer support to clients such as COTY and Hanes Brands in almost 30 countries worldwide, helping them to optimise their pro forma operational oversight processes. I am known to be committed and I share my expertise in control, Information Systems and change management as an active member of the DFCG, as a representative of EDHEC at FI+, and as head of the EDHEC Finance Club. I also moderate network events such as conferences on fintechs, blockchains, performance measurements, as well as “shining” events like the CV Speed Recruit and the Ezyperf–EDHEC Golf Open, opportunities to mix pleasure with business.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

I already serve as a Resource and a member of the board. I participate in recruitment sessions, events such as Ambassadors’ Days, and it has been a pleasure for me for more than 10 years to share the EDHEC values with future candidates and EDHEC alumni, as well as people from outside our ecosystem. I signed up to get involved at the outset, and suggested to the two historic boards to come together on the green at a golf open I myself organised. That meeting to some extent served as the foundation for the construction process that led to the merger. Now that that key phase is complete, I think I can offer the same mindset to move even further forward. As board members, we must not only contribute by ensuring alignment with the group’s strategy, but also actively contribute to it. We must also strengthen the links within the EDHEC community (which is increasingly international) so that every alumnus can find something for them, whether professionally or on a human level. Our challenge is to bring together an ever-increasing number of alumni with high-quality services that are close at hand. A magnificent challenge awaits us!

My proposals for this mandate

My proposals/contributions to the Board of Trustees are as follows:
- Participate in the everyday life of the community
- Generate greater synergies and coordination between the needs of the board and clubs (who are also key operational intermediaries)
– Work in sync with the strategic paths chosen by EDHEC. Technology and user needs are challenges we must focus on to keep on top of our game
- Work more closely with other campuses to ensure we stay close to our community. And finally, as a potential board member I simply wish to share my experience and expertise of networks, and to enjoy what I’m sure is a positive and constructive environment