Olivier Gautier, 1997, candidate for the Board of Directors EDHEC Alumni

Published on 07/12/2018
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He plays an active role in the EDHEC network as :

administratorambassadeurdonorattend events regularlyEDHEC resource

Brief presentation

I graduated from the GE Master’s programme in 1997, and since then have been “married” to EDHEC: trustee on the association’s board since 1998, EDHEC/Renault ambassador, a former member of the Fondation EDHEC Executive Committee, head of the Automobile Club, Donor, EDHEC Resource ... my level of involvement has known no bounds as I strive to facilitate mutual aid and promote the value of my diploma and our network both within and outside our community. I am also loyal to my firm and for 21 years have held marketing and commercial positions with the Renault Group in France and overseas. I am currently responsible for sales covering 70,000 vehicles, 15 B2B clients, and revenue of €1 billion. I have a 3-year-old son, in whom I have already begun instilling the same values that I develop with the EDHEC network: helping others, listening and sharing.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

EDHEC has further developed its international dimension with its research policy, changing approaches to pedagogy and the dynamics of its network. I have been involved in the Association for many years and now hope to invest even more as a board member in the initiatives designed to develop the image of both the Association and the School: By continuing efforts to strengthen the links between the different EDHEC generations;
- By further developing the internationalisation of the Association;
- By working on the rollout of new services for the benefit of the entire EDHEC community;
- By helping to give the Association and School greater visibility worldwide. In 2018 I actively helped bring the two alumni associations (BBA and Grande Ecole) together. 2019 will be an opportunity to continue developing the close links between these communities and expand the network, in particular overseas.

My proposals for this mandate

– Develop the links between the EDHEC communities, building on the merger between the two associations
– propose tangible ideas to pool communication efforts and the publication of information about the EDHEC community
– reform the articles of association
– put in place simplified systems that favour synergies
– help give the Association and School greater visibility worldwide
– defend the Association’s values across the network
– promote EDHEC and the Association worldwide by internationalising the bodies responsible for running them.

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