Frédérique Cartalas, 1990, candidate for the Board of Directors EDHEC Alumni

Published on 07/12/2018
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Frédérique Cartalas, 1990, is HR and Organization Consultant, Coach and Trainer
She plays an active role in the EDHEC network as :

administratorambassadeurdonormentorattend events regularlyEDHEC resource

Brief presentation

Having specialized and started my career in marketing, I decided to turn towards human resources, first in recruitment and later as a generalist HR officer for an international communications consultancy group. For the last 4 years, I have been working as a HR consultant and coach, offering support to individuals and teams in their career changes and to improve the effectiveness of their work. I serve as an EDHEC Resource, am a member of the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees, and am currently helping to renew the HR Club.
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Reasons I wish to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees

As a member of the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees, I have contributed to the recent changes made in the association, in particular the merger between the EDHEC and BBA EDHEC associations. I also played an active role in reflections on how to get alumni involved and the role of digital technology in the association of the future. In order to pursue these different roles, I hope to obtain a new mandate on the Board of Trustees.

My proposals for this mandate

A process of reflection is currently underway on bringing EDHEC Alumni into the digital era and improving the effectiveness of our communication targeting alumni. We would like to see the association’s communications making better use of the latest communication channels. If I am re-elected to the board, I will be able to continue working towards this objective and see through its implementation.

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