Welcome party 2018: join clubs in your region or country!

Published on 15/11/2018
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Meet your ambassadors and discover your local clubs at one of our Welcome Parties!

In France and across the world until the end of November, our local clubs are pleased to invite you to their Welcome Party to get new arrivals off to a good start, welcome graduates arriving in the region as well as students on internships or international exchange programmes, and kickstart this year’s local networking.
As in previous years, all the volunteer ambassadors from the EDHEC Alumni community organise a warm welcome to get the academic year underway and present their clubs. These social events are an opportunity for participants to chat informally, strengthen their professional networks and make new friends in their region. From Rio to Hong Kong, students and graduates worldwide are invited to meet their local clubs while sharing a meal or a drink. The upcoming dates for your local Welcome Parties will be made available on the diary soon.


Welcome Parties already scheduled:

Rennes 16/09/2018

Dubai 20/09/2018

Bordeaux 20/09/2018

Oslo 28/09/2018

Amsterdam 04/10/2018

Lille 04/10/2018

Lyon 04/10/2018

San Francisco 04/10/2018

Milan 10/10/2018

Paris 11/10/2018

Los Angeles 11/10/2018

Montpellier 16/10/2018

New York 17/10/2018

Nice 18/10/2018

Genève 18/10/2018

Bruxelles 23/10/2018

Shanghai 29/10/2018

Londres 31/10/2018

Luxembourg 07/11/2018

Singapour 08/11/2018

Munich 08/11/2018

Sydney 08/11/2018

Hong Kong 09/11/2018

Abidjan 13/11/2018

Dublin 21/11/2018

Moscou 23/11/2018

Marseille 24/11/2018

Berlin 29/11/2018

Warsaw 10/12/2018

Stockholm 11/12/2018


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Visit the EDHEC Alumni diary and the page for your local club to attend your Welcome Party and enrich your network!
To stay informed about all EDHEC events in your city or region, be sure to update your profile and join the local club of your choice.


A special Welcome Party for Professional and Leisure Clubs in Paris

On 11 October in Paris, the 25 professional and leisure clubs were at centre stage. Our ambassadors welcomed delegates to the EDHEC campus to share some drinks together. This evening was an opportunity for all students and graduates to find out more about the roles and ambitions of these clubs and perhaps join a few of them. There is still time to take up a physical activity or perhaps develop your knowledge of wine (rest assured, the two are not mutually exclusive)!

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