[VIDEO] Anne GUICHARD, EDHEC Master 1993, recounts her career at L'Oreal and her commitment on the EDHEC and EDHEC Alumni Boards of Directors

Published on 24/06/2020
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Anne Guichard, EDHEC Master 1993, is General Manager at L'OREAL, DIGITAL CORPORATE TEAM. She is one of our graduates passionate about EDHEC who chose to keep in touch with EDHEC Business School and discovered the pleasure of getting involved. Little by little, Anne shares her expertise on the EDHEC campuses, becomes EDHEC Resource and donor with her husband Christophe. In 2018, she joined the EDHEC Alumni and EDHEC Business School Boards of Directors and is now involved in the strategic decisions that will define the future of our School and its alumni network.

In this video, she describes her career path, her best memory of EDHEC and why she chose to commit to the School and the EDHEC Alumni network. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Anne Guichard through the online directory to find out more.

"I used to think that my various experiences in marketing, followed by three positions in general management overseas and in France, had given me an understanding of all the consumers of the L’Oréal group. I was wrong: 8 months ago I took up a new role in the group’s digital team, immersing myself in a new vocabulary, new technical skills and a new way of approaching consumer relations! One of the common threads running through the last 25 years of my career has without a doubt been EDHEC, whether through my husband (I’m among the 25%!), my friendships, that little extra something that my EDHEC colleagues have, or the network of graduates, which always meant a lot to me in France and especially overseas, where evenings spent together, conferences and experiences shared were very effective ways of quickly establishing new connections."

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