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Published on 20/01/2021
EDHEC Online education - EDHEC Alumni
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Part of the wealth of EDHEC Alumni lies in the diversity of the programmes that make up our network. EDHEC Online proposes degree courses from Bachelor of Science (in French, 3 yrs post-secondary) to Programme Manager (in French, 5 yrs post-secondary) and Master of Science (5 yrs post-secondary). These stand out not only because they are run 100% online, but also because of the profoundly innovative teaching approach adopted. EDHEC Online has the edge over other offers on the e-learning market by making its support structure central to all of its courses.


Comprehensive learning through a broad spectrum of perspectives

Students on the EDHEC Online degree programmes are offered support down to the finest details of their academic, professional and personal choices. The 96% success rate is a reflection of this bold decision to combine a melting pot of theory with the hands-on support role of experts in mentoring and coaching. Whether the decision to pursue further studies stems from the current climate, which favours online activities, or from a desire for greater specialisation, it requires a balance to be struck with an already demanding work schedule. That’s why EDHEC Online endeavours to make all aspects of this journey seamless, both individually and collectively.

As soon as they are first in touch with the admissions office, candidates can benefit from advice rooted in practical reality. The financing plan and registration dossier are built up step-by-step so that the chosen programme can be aligned with the aspirations of each future participant. The academic dimension includes a wide range of formats on a dedicated platform, both for progress on learning modules and for the human-led oversight of each candidate’s career project. Group emulation – in particular via virtual classes, case studies and the consultancy project, mentioned recently by a student on the MSc in International Business Management – is combined with the individual steps needed to acquire knowledge and learn more about oneself.

Academic mentors: key allies in fertilising your acquired knowledge

The role of the academic mentors is to boost the learning of all students. They answer live questions from students during virtual classes and are available to provide a series of clarifications on various sections of the modules. They are experts in their area and in most cases have worked in companies in that field, and serve as partners to ensure students have properly grasped theoretical concepts. They bring course material to life through exercises or actual situations they have experienced. Academic mentors are like human guarantors of cooperation on the EDHEC Online digital programmes, boosting motivation levels among students, who gain in autonomy. They also ensure the implementation of a successful methodology, steering participants towards a process of reflection and a sound understanding of the challenges faced.

Coaches: key allies in optimising your career plan

The role of the coaches is to oversee the proper completion of the personal and professional learning undertaken by EDHEC Online students. They provide individual and tailored monitoring of all participants, working both on their inner self and their professional environment. They tease out each candidate’s capabilities and soft skills so their motivation levels remain intact and they can achieve fulfilment in their professional roles. Coaches serve as facilitators, offering support and creating optimism. They also play a central role in collective tasks, beginning with the consultancy project. They assess the roadmap of all participants (group identity, values, objectives, etc.) as part of an approach focused on solutions, like a toolbox for self-challenges that can be used in everyday life.

This active coaching initiative also accustoms future EDHEC Online graduates to the services available at the Career Centre for Life, which they can benefit from for the rest of their lives, even after their education ends. As members of the EDHEC Alumni network, they’re entitled to one annual follow-up session with one of our career advisers, and can take part in regular inter-alumni mentoring programmes.


All of the EDHEC Online offers are available on the official website: EDHEC alumni benefit from a 10% discount on all EDHEC Online degree and certificate programmes.

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