Sport, Innovation and Inclusion : New clubs in Paris!

Published on 18/02/2020
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Interested in meeting new people or doing new discovery for business or just for fun? New EDHEC Alumni clubs are being created in Paris. Take a look!



Innovation Club – a flamboyant kick-off!

With 90 registered members and around 60 participants, this club’s first meeting was a resounding success. After positive feedback from attendees, the club launch will go ahead. Our thanks to Agathe Kuhn (EDHEC 2019), the club ambassador who organised the event, and to keynote speakers, Marie Joséphine Brognon (EDHEC 2014), CEO and co-founder of Forinov, and René Rohrbeck PhD, professor of strategy and director of the “Innovation and Permanent Transformation” Chair at EDHEC Business School.

Next scheduled event: an evening event on Thursday 23 April on EDHEC’s Paris campus, addressing the theme: “Management of failure, change the culture corporate”. To find out more and register, click here:

Click here to learn more about the club’s objectives:

Click here to take part in discussions:




Running & Trail Club - Let's join us!

We have just created a training group for Running / Trail. It opens to all levels with the aim to progress together and prepare your races from 10 km to 100 km.

From beginner to advanced, you are all welcome.

The format : A meet-up each month in Paris area

For all information or questions, you can contact Thibaut Picard (EDHEC 2017), the club ambassador: / 07 86 05 61 52






Tennis Club – Calling all players in Paris area

A Tennis Club is being launched in Paris. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, join us!

To organise the first session and ensure as many people as possible can join us, we need to know when you’re available and your level of ability. Please fill in this questionnaire:

and you can also directly contact the ambassador of the club who is behind this initiative, Yannis Gosnave (EDHEC 2012): ou via email: 

Join us on Facebook to share together:

To see his interview about the club:



Club EDHEC'Elles gets a makeover: join us on Thursday 19 March on EDHEC’s Paris campus


The aim of Club EDHEC'Elles is to promote and develop women’s leadership in business in a spirit of openness and pragmatism, shedding old stereotypes. Adopting an approach that combats discrimination, the club is ready to address broader themes, such as how to include different forms of perversity (gender, background, sexual orientation, etc.).

We must also consider what form the club’s actions should take. It has so far concentrated on workshops and conferences, but other event concepts could be developed (inspirational meetings, awareness-raising among students, corporate visits, etc.).

So join us to sketch out the club’s future, setting objectives and a programme that firmly tackle contemporary challenges. Whether an EDHEC student or graduate, everyone is welcome!

To break the ice, we will hear three 10-minute keynote presentations, each one discussing the potential content, format and partnerships that Club EDHEC'Elles could consider. The second part of the event will be dedicated to your feedback and what you expect from the club.

Over to you! Join us:


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