Sophie Bellon (EDHEC 1983) warns about a “boomerang effect” in Les Echos

Published on 27/01/2020
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Sophie Bellon (EDHEC 1983 and winner of the 2016 EDHEC person of the year award) who chairs the Sodexo board of directors and is the first woman to do so for a company listed on the CAC 40, has just written an article published in Les Echos. 

She explains that following the PACTE legislation passed in France, many top managers have shared their vision of businesses that are more human, more inclusive and more sustainable. In contrast, at Sodexo there is some pushback against the diktat of instantaneity to avoid rushing into something that could “carry risks [...] if it is implemented in haste against a backdrop of opportunism or – worse – instrumentalism without being followed up by tangible and measurable commitments ». 

« Such a move could have a boomerang effect” 

The advice therefore is to avoid rushing into anything that could, as Sophie Bellon writes, result in promises made being broken.

Read the article in Les Echos: Définir sa raison d’être : gare à “l’effet boomerang” 

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