Raphael Seghier (EDHEC Master 2008), presents Sesame Asia, the podcast dedicated to French entrepreneurs in Asia.

Published on 19/02/2021
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Tell us about yourself.

Raphael Seghier, I’m39 years old, I’mliving in Asia since 2007, I speak fluent Chinese

I co-founded and later left a start-up in Lille and China that enjoyed a certain success: Homido VR. Now, I help French scale-ups develop in Asia-Pacific. I helped Wynd and Dreem for exemple. They are in the French Tech Next 40/120 ranking.

Can you tell us briefly how your project came about?

As a fan of podcasts from America (How I built this, Joe Rogan...) and France (Génération DIY...), I realised that there were many French entrepreneurs in China and Asia with fascinating business adventures to recount, so I launched the Sesame Asie podcast to share their experiences with as many people as possible.

Describe your project for us

Sesame Asie is a podcast in the form of long interviews lasting an hour or more. It is dedicated to successful French entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region. They’re relaxed conversations where we take the time to explore topics in detail and understand the business mechanisms at work.

The podcast has an educational role; listeners can learn a lot from these successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. But it’s also fun: doing business in Asia is a daily adventure, and my guests have fascinating anecdotes to tell. And of course it’s also about business: it gives these companies visibility and has already generated many fruitful connections. 

The target audience is primarily French expats in Asia, with several large communities in the region (China and Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.), but 20% of my listeners are in France and in the long term that’s where the biggest growth potential lies. 

What is your initial assessment of this adventure?

It’s been a fascinating project, I love chatting to my guests and I learn a great deal by meeting them. Having your own podcast is also an extremely effective way to network and engage in personal branding. 

It’s a project that started out as a hobby, but it has become important and is starting to generate revenue and open up many exciting prospects. 

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

To borrow a famous slogan: "just do it" 

We are living in a time when it is no longer necessary to have experience to find your dream job. You can go for it and create it yourself!

I’m not qualified to do a podcast or conduct interviews, but I took the plunge, I’m learning on my feet and progressing fast. 

Like Asian entrepreneurs, it’s about being at the heart of the action!

What’s next for your project?

Create as many partnerships as possible to sustain my audience growth (currently 120% from one month to the next) and climb the rankings (already in the top 30 of Apple podcasts in the Business category, but the last few steps are the hardest to climb!).

Develop this podcast as a media outlet in its own right in Asia-Pacific, and turn it into a platform where other business activities can flourish.

What are your expectations from the community of alumni ?

For them to listen to the podcast and give me feedback! 

And offer advice to guest speakers. I’m always happy to give a helping hand to alumni. 


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