Our sponsors remain mobilized to help 200 beneficiaries in their job search

Published on 19/03/2021
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Almost a year ago, EDHEC Alumni and EDHEC Career Center for Life developed a dedicated online “Job hunting support scheme” to allow EDHEC alumni to help each other and discuss. More than 200 alumni took action, allowing more than 500 alumni to be supported and to benefit from sound advice.

Many sponsors continue to mobilize, making it possible to create another 200 possible supports. Perhaps you yourself are on a timeout, or maybe you’re actively job-hunting, switching to another profession or undergoing a career transition. If you need help with any of these issues, sign up as a BENEFICIARY.

To register, simply log into your profile on alumni.edhec.edu and follow the steps described in the tutorial below.



Discover some of our sponsors:


"As an EDHEC Resource graduate, I take pleasure in answering questions about my areas of expertise: entrepreneurship and setting up freelance businesses, management, personal and professional development.
The job hunting support scheme offers concrete help to young graduates, as well as allowing sponsors to reconnect at a critical juncture in their personal and professional lives: the early years after leaving the School.
I met with 4 students. I was immediately taken in by their vigour and their refined understanding of what is at stake in the world today, as well as by their search for meaning and maturity. I was struck by the fact that it was very difficult for them to find jobs, despite rich personal lives and a brilliant academic background.
We worked together trying to regain confidence and identify what set them apart by reconnecting with their essence. I invited them to tell me about themselves in a different way, to use all the anecdotes from their 25 years on earth in support of their career ambitions. These are the stories that are often missing from CVs. Some of them totally overhauled their CVs, in both content and style, authentically asserting their personality.
I’m delighted to have witnessed such self-affirmation, simple yet impactful. And all that at a distance, but with great proximity. My thanks to EDHEC for giving me the opportunity to grow alongside them!"

Julie Verhague, EDHEC International BBA 2003
Founder of TANDEM, Consultant in change management, organisation and project management, certified Coach


"When the sponsorship scheme was launched, I tried to imagine myself in the shoes of young graduates looking for a job in the current climate and thought I might be able to give them advice about their CV or how to prepare for their job interviews. As someone who regularly recruits, I’m in contact with a lot of candidates. When completing my profile as a sponsor, I emphasised my experience in Canada and my marketing background, which might be of interest to future beneficiaries.
I matched various profiles – people interested in sport with career ambitions involving international mobility or marketing. After initial contact by email, I talked to the beneficiaries by phone or video link. I really enjoyed our discussions, and their energy and motivation spoke volumes. I also think I was able to share a few comments that helped them."

Philippe Guillaume, EDHEC Master 2002
Senior Marketing Manager - Shimano France



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