New Mentoring Program promotion to be launched on September 2020. Register now!

Published on 09/07/2020
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We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new Mentoring Program promotion on Thursday 24th of September 2020 at 12.30h.

Within a few years, STREAM (EDHEC Alumni mentoring program) has earned high satisfaction from both mentors and mentees. Mentoring is a recognized driver of personal and professional success for women and men from every background, culture, and career stage. We hope you will take this opportunity to participate to EDHEC’s STREAM Mentoring Program! 



Are you interested in becoming a mentor ? What are the first steps ? 

Step 1 : Discover the program and some testimonials by watching these videos.

What makes this program efficient?

1. The time invested by the mentor is measured (minimum 3 times during a 5 months period) 
2. Mentoring follow-up tools, videos and resources are available
3. Matchings between mentors and mentees take into consideration their sector, job position and experiences.
4. The last mentoring programs have been very successful!

Step 2 : Update your personal and professional profile on

Step 3 : Please Register to the webinar Kick-off Mentoring Program session Here 


  1. You will need to register to the mentoring event Here. Once you will be registered to the event and you will login to the website, you will find on your private profile the mentoring survey that you will need to fill before the 18th of September.
  2. Matchings will be communicated during the webinar mentoring session taking place on Thursday 24th of September at 12.30h.
  3. The week after the kick-off meeting, mentors and mentees will receive by email their mentoring kits and videos explaining the steps to follow.
  4. Your mentoring angels will check after a month if your matchings are working properly.
  5. Pairs will meet at least 3 times during a period of 5 months (you can follow our tools & framework or set up meetings using your own methods)
  6. Mentoring program will end in February 2021 when you will receive an email with the mentoring survey to gather your feedbacks in order to help us to improve the program.

Silvia Marichalar, Martin Barbier, Your Mentoring Angels 


Become a mentor


More information about the mentoring programme.
Contact: Silvia Marichalar

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