New dual diploma from EDHEC & MINES ParisTech: an education in sustainable finance

Published on 24/08/2020
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EDHEC Business School and MINES ParisTech have launched a new dual diploma in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance. This joint programme will train a new generation of finance professionals, capable of combining financial expertise with a solid understanding of the scientific and technical challenges inherent in the transition towards a low-carbon economy.


Facilitating the transition towards a low-carbon economy requires a broad spectrum of new financial instruments and innovations. This will have profound implications for markets, companies, intermediaries and investors in order to guarantee that long-term capital can meet long-term environmental needs. This requires a new generation of finance professionals who have the skills and appetite to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into all financial decision-making processes.

The main challenge when it comes to training this new generation of financial experts is that managing the financing of climate change requires a truly interdisciplinary perspective that cannot be found in a curriculum taught only in a business school or engineering school,” explains Laurent Deville, director of the Financial Economics branch of EDHEC Business School.

This challenge underpins the new partnership between EDHEC Business School and MINES ParisTech. Together they have launched a dual diploma: the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance, available from September 2021. 

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