Leïla Céline Ramdani (EDHEC 1999) can help you “Succeed without exhaustion”

Published on 04/03/2019
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Succeed without exhaustion? A possibility in 2019?

“I can’t, I’m swamped”, “Sorry for the late reply, but I’m up to my neck in work”.
What if we tamed time? Let’s rediscover the joy of structuring our day without being a slave to time! This was the topic of the “Succeed without exhaustion” workshop organised on 12 February 2019 by
Leïla Céline RAMDANI, the woman behind the ALLOR method.

A fun and interactive workshop that revisits our relationship with time during an era in which there is an ever greater “need for speed”.

Leïla warns us: “what you will learn will seem afterwards like simple common sense. But when you’re buried in your work, it’s easy to lose your footing with temporal reality, at the risk of exhaustion”.
Leïla knows what she’s talking about. When she finished her studies at EDHEC (1999), she spent 15 years managing strategic projects for major firms and completed a Master’s degree in psychoanalysis, before setting up ALLOR, Travaillez comme vous êtes ! This is an innovative concept at a time when the pace of everything is increasing. It allows managers to find the optimum work approach without exhaustion.
For Leïla, one way to take a step back from this “instantaneous” mindset is to take a few minutes every morning, before you open your emails or messaging apps, to ask yourself: “if I had just one thing to do today, what would it be?” Our expert goes on to illustrate her point with situations familiar to us all: “when you get to work in the morning, your first reflex is often to read your messages (if you didn’t do it while you’re head was still on the pillow!), and then you’re sucked into your day’s work as a slave to the ticking clock. If you don’t sit down for a few minutes to think about your real objectives, you run the risk of overlooking what’s important and ending up exhausted and frustrated.”
Leïla alternates between games, scenarios and explanations. She tells participants about the extraordinary “acceleration” in society and in business: “human beings are constantly seeking to go faster and faster. The pleasure of speed can be immense, just think about hurtling down a ski slope … great as long as you’re in control!”
And she reminds us of an important statistic: 10% of every working day amounts to 1 month per year!


Leïla debriefs participants after a writing game. They quickly understand that it is important not to pay (too much) heed to requests from left, right and centre!

Photos: thanks to S. Hassan, CEO of Smoovebox and workshop participant.

Contact: leilaceline@allor.fr, ALLOR Coach, Speaker and Instructor.

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