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Published on 18/05/2020
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With more than 46,000 graduates, the international EDHEC Alumni community has a strong presence on all social media platforms. But you probably knew that already, right? Of course you did! However we do have some news to announce: this community will soon be benefiting from a breath of fresh air…

We are delighted to welcome our new Community Manager, Caroline de Longvilliers, who will be bringing her dynamism and energy to orchestrate this fantastic community of ours. But this new momentum is only possible with your contributions!


Why join us on social media?

Let’s not beat around the bush, the aim of these networks is to be of use to you!

The purpose of our EDHEC Alumni groups on Facebook and LinkedIn is to ensure you:

- Receive support in your career and job searches
- Keep informed about dedicated services for EDHEC entrepreneurs
- Can create and develop trustworthy partnerships
- Develop your professional network thanks to the proximity between EDHEC Alumni
- Can take part in dedicated events
- Get in touch with others more easily and establish strong bonds, whatever your graduation year or diploma

This is your community – contribute to its growth and dynamics!

EDHEC Alumni’s social networks are for you and depend on you. They reflect the EDHEC mindset and values: commitment, innovation and impact.

Our community is international and the EDHEC Alumni network crosses borders to be present worldwide and always there when you need it.

To achieve this, these groups must be active so we need you to:

- Share your success stories, best practices, info & latest news
- Share your company’s job offers so others from EDHEC can get in with an early chance
- Comment on the latest news and publications posted by your peers to encourage the sharing of experiences
- Expand this community so everyone can benefit by inviting others from EDHEC

And don’t be afraid to add a bit of fun and light-heartedness!


How to contribute to this new momentum?

- Join the EDHEC Alumni groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As well as the “official” networks, you will also find theme-specific and local groups linked to the different EDHEC Alumni clubs, encouraging even more proximity between members
- Don’t forget to activate alerts in the Alumni groups and accounts you follow!

- Invite other Alumni from EDHEC to join us via the “Invite” option on LinkedIn and Facebook
- Publish, comment, share: it’s up to you to build this community!

If you would like to contribute to this new momentum and boost the growth and dynamics of the EDHEC Alumni community on social media, let’s talk it over!


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