Geoffroy Sardin, EDHEC 1993, VP Marketing and Sales UBISOFT, is now President of EDHEC Alumni

Published on 24/01/2019
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Geoffroy Sardin
, (EDHEC Master 1993), Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales with UBISOFT, was elected President of the EDHEC Alumni association at the Annual General Meeting on 22 January 2019. He takes over from Emmanuelle Guilbart (EDHEC Master 1988) and Antoine Kerrinckx (EDHEC BBA 1995).

EDHEC Alumni : Hi Geoffroy, can you tell us about your career?

GS: I am currently Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the UBISOFT group. I began my career in Italy at the marketing department of Arjo Wiggins Appleton, before joining the L'Oréal marketing team in Paris. I then joined Ubisoft in 1998, where I initially served as Sales Director before being appointed Managing Director of Ubisoft France on a high-growth market. 

In 2005, I was elected Chairman of SELL, the trade union for games software publishers, where my role was to promote the excellence of our profession and play a leading role in the French economy. 

Finally, in 2010 I took over the group’s marketing and sales strategy and contributed to the digital transition, developing our e-commerce business, initiating among other things the diversification of the Ubisoft brands into mediums other than videogames. 

My contacts with and contributions to EDHEC since 1993 have been quite regular, having participated on several jury panels and committees for pedagogic strategy. Also since I married an EDHEC graduate.

EA: Why joining the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees?

GS: Volunteer work provides the perfect space for freedom and choice. I have always had the desire to be useful, to pay heed to both collective and individual interests, to contribute to meaningful actions that resonate in society in a way that is fruitful and lasting. 

I wanted to join the EDHEC Alumni Board of Trustees to contribute to the development of intergenerational exchanges, which in my view is one of the most important objectives for the growth and enhancement of EDHEC as a unique organisation.

EA: Your proposals for this mandate

GS: At a time when corporate social responsibility has become an area of great concern for major firms, and when young graduates arriving on the labour market want to understand what they are working for, what each company has to offer them and how they behave in respect of their environment and social practices, I hope to help EDHEC anticipate these issues and understand this reality so it can adopt its pedagogic structure.

Lastly, I hope to contribute in a way that makes this mandate a positive experience of collective intelligence, one that is interconnected, dynamic and serves all stakeholders – an extension of the EDHEC distinction that is the hallmark of our culture and our impact.

We will begin our work on 26 January 2019 at Ambassadors day, a key event for collective efforts by our volunteer ambassadors and the new board members. Very soon the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee will present a finetuned road map to all EDHEC network members so they can be active players in developing their association’s strategy.

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