Find your coach thanks to Edouard de Dreuzy (Master 1998)

Published on 12/10/2015
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EDHEC AlumniCan you explain briefly how Bemycoach came about?
Edouard de Dreuzy:  BeMyCoach aims to make it easier to find the right coach in all sports, throughout France: Yoga, Pilates, Golf, Boxing, Running, Physical training, Surfing, Skiing, …
As the coaching boom goes from strength to strength, in all disciplines, teamed with passion for individual sporting events - marathons, trail races, triathlons - and faced with a rather atomised offer, we have launched a service to simplify getting in touch with a coach, making the whole process more fun and accessible. Just for you, in a group with friends, at home, at the office, outdoors, indoors: there are thousands of ways to use a coach to suit all budgets.

Less than a year after its launch, how would you sum up this entrepreneurial adventure?
ED: We've met a lot of great coaches for a whole range of activities. Our concept has been widely accepted among partners who can help boost their communities. Student feedback is highly valued and we are keen to develop what we offer in line with it.

Have you ever benefited from the network of EDHEC graduates? 
ED: We work with Sports Business Consulting, the 1st Junior Consultancy Agency specialised in sport, that has helped us recruit coaches. While their unusual positioning caught our eye, their maturity and their professionalism won us over. We'd like to thank them for their work!

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?
ED: Advice for a young (or not so young) entrepreneur:
- Test your concept out on different profiles,
- Be flexible regarding how you implement an idea by adapting your economic model...whilst there's still time,
- Listen to the market and your customers rather than stick to your initial idea,
- Do some sport, of course, to give you energy and clear your head!

What’s next for BEmycoach?
ED: Recruiting high quality coaches all over France. Getting ourselves known outside the internet, thanks to promotional events, loyalty or incentives with brands and logos. Our motto: "a coach makes a feel-good gift! ".

What are your expectations from the community of EDHEC graduates?
ED: We're always ready to speak to people working in the world of sport. Companies looking for coaching sessions for their customers, suppliers or workers can also contact us ;-) We are going to do some fundraising in early 2016. Any advice?


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