Estelle Peng Li (EDHEC, class of 2014) invites you to a series of prestigious events

Published on 20/11/2018
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Estelle is ambassador of the Oenology Club and the Luxury and Lifestyle Club, and her passion and energy are the key ingredients to a successful schedule of events! Follow her and discover new cultural spheres and prestigious locations.




This year, many people attended the following events:

  • Prestigious intercultural tasting session (China and Denmark), 1 February
  • Ladies’ evening: Art, innovation, savoir-faire and audacity, 8 March
  • Blind tasting with the Académie du Vin de Paris, 15 March
  • Private showing at the "Objets précieux Art Deco" exhibition, 10 April
  • Champagne tasting: Prestige des Sacres, 31 May
  • Private conference: Tavernier diamonds, 21 June
  • “Shining event”: Dinner and networking in a Michelin-starred restaurant, 29 June
  • Learn about the art of cocktails in an exceptional location, 19 July
  • Tasting session: Cognac Godet, 4 October
  • Hidden workshop and private guided tour: Bolin LIU & Ruinart, Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, 27 October
  • Exclusive insights into the Legrand family’"Chemin des vignes", 8 November



Don’t miss out on upcoming events!

•   29 November (evening): Workshop and conference on perfumes: digital and personalisation :

•   29 November (morning): breakfast debate on the “Luxury of the future” at the head office of Bain & Company 

•   4 December: conference and champagne tasting session: "Can you taste a brand’s identity? In champagne, yes!" :

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