Edwin SAMIE (EDHEC International BBA, 2017) presents ULTEAM

Published on 19/04/2019
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Edwin SAMIE (EDHEC International BBA, 2017) presents ULTEAM COACHING, specialising in preventive health care, well-being and sport for businesses. 


- Tell us briefly how your business came about.

First of all, as the son of a professional footballer and a very sporty mother, I was immersed in sport from a very early age and it was only natural for me to practice many different sports, including boxing, athletics and cross fit. 

During my studies, I had the opportunity to do a number of internships where I came to certain realisations: 

- There was a dire lack of activity in the offices (which is still the case), leading to illness (MSDs, stress, etc.) and a lot of absenteeism. 

- A lack of personal time, combined with a lack of knowledge, leads to very poor lifestyle choices. 

- Non-existent team cohesion leads to poor levels of staff effectiveness and sometimes burnout.
While completing my studies, I did a training course as a physical coach so I could give sports lessons and I quickly realised that sports activities for companies was the ideal solution to improve staff well-being and health, reduce stress and boost team cohesion. 

A British study showed that businesses that engage in the promotion and practice of sport see a decline in absenteeism of around 30 to 40%. 

These companies also post average staff turnover 25% lower than the mean. Similarly, employees who practice a sport are said to have 6 to 9% greater productivity than their sedentary colleagues.
Later, while doing a Master’s programme in Paris, I met Alexandre and we immediately hit it off. He later became my associate. 

As we discussed the poor levels of well-being among office employees, we realised that sport is one solution but not the only one, so we teamed up with renowned practitioners to develop a tailored method offering team challenges that combine sport, nutrition and health care. 

I am currently working with Alexandre’s team, who are sharing their expertise and doing a remarkable job in a wide range of areas such as design, press relations, development, etc.

I have dealt with all kinds of individuals, but many problems linked to office life keep cropping up (musculoskeletal disorders, stress, etc.). So I came up with a tailored concept to improve staff well-being and health using a new approach I call “coaching for companies”. 

This is a tailored offer based on team challenges with regular follow-up, carefully combining sport, nutrition, health care and well-being in order to address the daily problems linked to the “wellness” of in-house staff by targeting shared objectives to strengthen team cohesion and boost overall motivation levels. 


- What is the concept behind ULTEAM?

“ULTEAM” programme: 3, 6 or 9 months:

Our qualified sports coaches (athletics, yoga, boxing, etc.) regularly work with staff in their offices or outdoors to prepare them mentally and physically for a team challenge, such as the Paris 10 km road race for example.
Our network of health care professionals provide invaluable advice: osteopaths for posture, nutritionists/naturopathic practitioners for diet, sophrologists for stress management.
Lastly, we developed a dedicated interactive platform, bearing the company’s colours, to pilot each “well-being” programme.

À la carte services: sports coaching, healthcare services to address specific topics proving problematic for businesses. 

Team-building: an original and fun team-building concept is used to ensure an enjoyable time can be spent together while practising a positive activity in terms of well-being and team cohesion. 

KPI oversight (staff health and well-being): dashboard displaying different levels of stress and well-being in staff teams. This helps businesses to pilot individual projects.

Sharing of content on health and well-being: Access to our videos, or articles made by our professionals to prevent work-related problems.


- What is your initial assessment of this entrepreneurial adventure?

It’s an ongoing lesson on life and business. I have learnt an awful lot working alongside Alexandre and his team, and I continue to learn many new things across a wide range of areas.

For me, this is a professional experience but also a life experience. As in sport, I am learning that work, engagement and passion are key factors of success. 


- What advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

Capitalise on the areas in which you excel but also work really hard on your weaknesses. 
It is always easier to be an entrepreneur in an area that means something to you.
I believe it is essential to be passionate about the sector you want to do business in.
You have to surround yourself with people you trust entirely. That means having business associates who will help you progress and offer good advice, people you can talk to regularly.
You have to be well organised so you can move forward more quickly.
You must be able to take criticism (positive and/or negative) in order to improve.
And always strive to discover new things, be curious and open. Be eager to learn.


- What’s next for your business?

The next phases for ULTEAM COACHING will involve building up a good client portfolio and developing our health and well-being activities for companies so we can expand nationally (and perhaps even internationally). 


 - What are your expectations from the community of EDHEC graduates? 

I would like to find partners through the network of EDHEC graduates in order to develop the project but also raise awareness in as many companies as possible.
Advice is always welcome! 


- More information:

Website: https://ulteamcoaching.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ULTEAM_COACHING/


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