EDHEC Junior Etudes: the Junior Enterprise behind a CSR fund

Published on 24/08/2020
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Flavien Stremler, a pre-master’s student at EDHEC, is the new chairman of the EDHEC Junior Etudes (EJE) association. He takes over from Younès Bouselham, a Grande Ecole student who chaired the association last year. 

EJE, which has 50 active members, provides responses to the business challenges its clients face so they can adapt to changes on local and international markets. 

The association represents EDHEC within the Junior Enterprises movement and extends its members’ academic learning by accompanying businesses in the development of their projects. With a hybrid status midway between association and company, EDHEC Junior Etudes is often presented as a student-run consultancy firm, offering businesses market research, business plans, communications strategies, etc. With a presence in Lille and Nice, each year it is able to conduct more than 60 studies in the fields of marketing, strategy and finance.

Founded in 1969, EDHEC Junior Etudes is the second oldest Junior Enterprise in France and the 4th biggest in terms of revenue.

Building on the trust placed in it by businesses and the devotion of its members, this Junior Enterprise was able to generate record revenue of €300,000 in 2020. This achievement is the culmination of a long process to improve the quality of its services and encourage members to pursue their efforts. 

EDHEC Junior Etude


What is the OxyJEne initiative?

In 2019, to mark its 50th anniversary, EDHEC Junior Etudes decided to create a CSR fund, known as OxyJEne, in which Junior Enterprises from across France invest 1% of their revenue to finance CSR-based projects (with positive environmental and societal impacts).

This fund is the large-scale manifestation of an initiative taken by EDHEC Junior Etudes as early as 2018, when it committed to investing 1% of its revenue in Ecotree, a start-up with the objective of replanting French forests with an innovative solution.

Since it was established, around 10 Junior Enterprises have joined OxyJEne, raising more than €6000 for Ecotree. 



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