EDHEC Awards - It is your turn to suggest your candidates!

Published on 28/03/2019
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The next EDHEC Rendez-Vous event will take place in Paris on 20 June, 2019 and all over the world in June. As every year, 3 awards will recognize the career of all-programme-graduates from our network. 

It is your turn to suggest your candidates! 

The EDHEC Entrepreneur Award
The EDHEC Entrepreneur of the Year prize is awarded to an EDHEC entrepreneur who has contributed to EDHEC’s image as a creator of talent by his/her taste for determination and adventure.
His/her daring and sense of innovation will have impacted on the winner’s sector or region, or on the vision others have of the sector. He's been driving his own company since more than 2 years. He runs his own company, with revenue of at least €3 M or other strong relevant KPI.
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The EDHEC Start-up Founder Award
The EDHEC Start-up of the Year award was created in 2018 and will be given in recognition of a start-up founder whose business has been active for less than 3 years with revenue of more than €250,000 or comparable KPI.
It then reflects the variety of entrepreneurial talents at EDHEC.
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The EDHEC Socially Responsible Entrepreneur Award
This award recognizes an EDHEC graduate for an outstanding career and his/her social and/or economic impact within an organization/NGO or social enterprise. He/she may be an entrepreneur in the field of social economy. This association/NGO or company has citizenship and social and environmental responsibility at the heart of its business values. Open to the world, it advocates active solidarity.
Within this entity, this EDHEC graduate:
- plays a prominent role and has contributed greatly to the development of this association/NGO or social enterprise
- can be successfully materialized and a major project, impacting socially and/or economically.
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Do you know one or several graduate(s) who deserve one of these awards?

Or you may be the 2019 EDHEC Entrepreneur, EDHEC Start-up Founder or EDHEC Socially Responsible Entrepreneur?

Click here to suggest some candidates!

(Deadline for applications: 14 April)

Contact: thibault.vicq@edhec.edu 

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