EDHEC and Ecole W open a double degree

Published on 15/04/2019
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EDHEC Business School and Ecole W, a school offering bachelor degrees in content creation founded by the French Centre of Journalism (CFJ), sign a double degree agreement. 

From the start of the new academic year in September 2019, the two schools will offer a double degree programme for their bachelor students that enriches their initial curriculum with a year of innovative and complementary training.

Set up in 2019 by the French Centre of Journalism (CFJ) and based in Paris, Ecole W prepares future producers of content for the media, companies and the creative industries.

Thanks to the partnership, Ecole W students wishing to continue their management training will be able to round out their bachelor with an additional year on the International Business Track in English of EDHEC’s BBA on the Lille or Nice campus. “The cultural and creative industries are undergoing a revolution and looking for new talents. This double degree aims to train a new generation of entrepreneurs, capable of producing and fully comprehending innovative content in these sectors”, explains Julie Joly, Director of Ecole W and the CFJ.

For their part, EDHEC International BBA students will be able to enrol with Ecole W for a year majoring in Journalism, Documentaries and Fiction or Digital Marketing and Communication. These two semesters of training will replace their third year at EDHEC, after which they will return to their school for the last year of the BBA.

“This highly innovative double degree in journalism and digital communication field opens up fine prospects for students in terms of career opportunities or for continuing with their studies”, says Alessia Di Domenico, Director of the EDHEC International BBA.

Students successfully completing the double curriculum can obtain both the Ecole W and EDHEC International BBA degrees. “We want to offer our students a wide variety of study options, by developing international partnerships, but also though multi-disciplinary and complementary training programmes. It’s a key point of our strategy”, underlines Richard Perrin, Director of International Relations and Partnerships at EDHEC Business School.

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