EDHEC Alumni AGM: 5 strategic issues for 2019-2020

Published on 27/01/2020
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The EDHEC Alumni Annual General Meeting was held on the Paris campus on 14 January 2020. Our thanks to all participants and those who voted by proxy. All motions were unanimously


This year we welcome 2 new trustees:

  Alexis Rollin (EDHEC Master 1993), a founding member of Etna and vice-chairman of BDE, has always maintained close links to EDHEC. He married another EDHEC
graduate and currently runs RnD, an independent digital agency with a staff of 25, set up in 2002 and specialising in the design and implementation of digital strategies for brands.
He contributes to the EDHEC network as ambassador for the Class of 1993 and as a donor, jury member, EDHEC Resource and member of the EDHEC Board of Trustees.

Rayane Achich
 (EDHEC Master 2016) is a Senior Associate at GALILEO GLOBAL ADVISORS, a corporate bank based in New York. He was a member of JuniorEntreprise during his studies and has continued to be highly involved in EDHEC, first as an EDHEC Alumni Ambassador in São Paulo and now in New York. He is passionate about communicating with and helping others in the network.

Click here to see the composition of the Board of Trustees, responsible for running the association.

5 strategic issues for 2019-2020

The board members regularly meet to ensure the EDHEC Alumni association continues to progress through the work of 5 strategic committees: 

    - Increase visibility and awareness of services available as well as value added EDHEC Alumni offers students
    - Strengthen programmes run for students by EDHEC Alumni

  2. CAREER CENTRE for graduates: 
    A. Career: from expert advice to community circle
    - Increase awareness of Career Centre website
    - Work on website user experience with a focus on user journey
    - Develop reverse help: EDHEC Resources and peer-to-peer support
    B. Learning: from reactive to proactive Keep Learning
    - Leverage EDHEC ONLINE (EOL)
    - Priority topics: digital and entrepreneurship

    - Clarify real needs of entrepreneurs
    - A more professional approach
    - Develop business model 

    - Improve preparedness of students and graduates
    - Heighten sense of belonging among international students and graduates
    - Optimise impact of strategic countries (in which EDHEC has country managers + BE / L / CH)

    - By identifying and involving experts in EDHEC’s external communication
    - Through high-impact EDHEC graduates and influencers
    - With a powerful international focus
    - Through shining events (pro / country-specific / businesses)

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