"EDHEC Alumni Act for Tomorrow" // #2 EDHEC Alumni Events (Care)

Published on 23/02/2021
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1. Event content

1.1. Promoting the talents of EDHEC Alumni

Although our events do not only call on guest speakers from EDHEC, it is our objective to promote the talented people in our network as a priority. To find out who they are, you can consult the EDHEC Alumni directory and/or search on LinkedIn using the “School” filter.

1.2. Standing out to attract attention

Our attention and our time are both highly solicited in today’s information-intense society. The aspects that allow our events to stand out are:
1: our link to the School;
2: the relationships of trust that underpin our EDHEC Alumni community.

Play to these strengths, for example by inviting professors from EDHEC Business School as guest speakers. And don’t hesitate to draw on the benefit of the very special link between all members of the EDHEC Alumni community, which allows you to try highly participatory and daring formats.

Your resources:
> Be aware of the specific features of teaching and research at EDHEC
> Read about all research and teaching staff at EDHEC
> Explore the latest topics covered by professors at EDHEC

In detail:
> Find out more about EDHEC’s Open Leadership Chair, which is dedicated to making progress on diversity by transforming leadership in companies

And its Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair

> Prefer video formats? Watch the “Shots of knowledge” and video portraits of professors and programme directors at EDHEC Business School, in particular one by Gianfranco Gianfrate, associate finance professor at EDHEC

> Read about the winners of the EDHEC Solidarity Entrepreneur of the Year award

1.3. Consistency with other events

We offer some 500 events a year, so take a few minutes to learn about forthcoming events and watch our replays to avoid the risk of repetition. This is also an opportunity to imagine creating synergies if you have the same idea as someone else!

The main Care services are:
- Career Centre (events, tools, coaching)
- Mentoring/tutoring
- EDHEC Resources
- Emergency and solidarity fund for EDHEC students
- EDHEC Alumni solidarity fund for EDHEC graduates
- Events run by Tribu Développement EDHEC Alumni
- A professional EDHEC Alumni club dedicated to the environmental transition is currently being established


2. Event format

2.1. Playing around with formats

We’re all familiar with the traditional conference or roundtable discussion, but there are many other formats that focus on collective intelligence, a unique location or specific activities: company tours, inspirational testimonials, events in collaboration with an association, “world café”, etc. When creating your project, don’t hesitate to play around with this diversity of formats!
Here’s some inspiration:
> Browse the latest events run by our professional and leisure clubs
> Read the online facilitation guide put together by the innovation team at the Inter-ministerial department for public transformation

2.2. Imagine new event concepts

The event’s concept holds promise for your audience. The value added might come more from the audience themselves, like during the entrepreneur pitching and CV speed sparring sessions, so make sure you choose the most appropriate concept. And remember that a concept must be easily identifiable (it comes in its own “package”). Once it has been defined, it must be easy to put in place and reproduce. This will represent a huge amount of time saved! It can also be recognised through repetition and frequency (for example once a month, on the first Thursday of the month).

To help you understand:
> Click here to see a few examples of club event schedules

2.3. Era of digital events

The current pandemic naturally means we can’t organise most of our events in person, in respect of the recommendations of international governments. To create digital events, we give you access to two video conference tools: Zoom and Collaborate (the one used by the School). But you can also use any other tools you are used to working with.

These may help you make the event more attractive or easier to put in place. Here are a few examples: https://remo.co/ ; https://unb.runtheworld.today/cocktailparty/; https://www.wonder.me/.

The events proposed can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so think about which language and time zone to use, as your choice will determine the accessibility of the event to the inhabitants of the different continents.

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