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Published on 24/02/2021
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One of our missions is to offer all EDHEC Alumni the possibility to contribute to the dynamics of the EDHEC Alumni network. For it is thanks to your trust in us and your actions that our community can flourish. With this in mind, we have formally put in place several roles to allow you to get involved in different aspects and with different levels of time commitment.

The role of ambassador is essential to the network’s vitality, and so we invite you to take part in a process of reflection as part of the “EDHEC Alumni Act for Tomorrow” programme. We hope this will reflect your desire to act and have an impact on society.


How to develop the role of ambassadors?

Let’s start with what we have: define what it means to be an ambassador and the underlying objectives. The information below will give you the foundations for this process of reflection and suggest various ways to explore further.

Their mission and means to act

Ambassadors are active volunteers who represent a club within the EDHEC Alumni network. They’re in charge of establishing links between EDHEC alumni and strengthening their sense of belonging to the network. To achieve this, they organise professional or social events that match their club’s identity, with logistical support from the Alumni Relations Manager (permanent EDHEC Alumni staff). They have also agreed to answer questions from alumni about their club or career. To facilitate this, they are tagged as EDHEC Resources in their EDHEC Alumni profile, which is accessible via the online EDHEC directory.

The ambassador’s mission largely involves encouraging the personal and professional development of club members. In the future, the objective of EDHEC Alumni ambassadors could take in societal challenges, thus contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive society. The current scope for action of ambassadors focuses on events, but that could change going forward! If you consider other means to generate links between EDHEC network members, try to avoid recreating a role already in place: mentor, donor, jury, speaker, recruiter, class sponsor, tutor for overseas students.

Don’t forget to take a look at our diary so you know which events exist already!

Their environment

Having a range of activities for specific clubs encourages cross pollination of ideas and networks, as well as the continuity of the initiatives put in place. Through their club, ambassadors can address a specific community with shared interests (geographic, professional, leisure, company or EDHEC class) for whom they try to create personalised content as part of the EDHEC Alumni association’s promise to provide support (business, careers and socialising). Ambassadors also promote the School’s talented individuals and research.

And of course within a single club, ambassadors can develop a team of ambassadors around them. In this case, they are free to work out together who does what, taking decisions jointly. The aim is to enable each person to contribute depending on their level of motivation. Each team member must make sure they keep the rest of the team as well as their contact person at EDHEC Alumni informed of any actions they take. The association is ultimately responsible for the content produced by clubs and intended for their community, which is why it is so important to maintain regular communication between the ambassadors and the Alumni Relations Manager.

Their connection to EDHEC Alumni

Ambassadors are like the drive belt connecting the community of alumni to the EDHEC Alumni association and to EDHEC Business School. They represent the association through their interaction with students and graduates and help promote the offer of its services. At the same time, through the links they establish with their club members, they are aware of their community’s expectations. They serve as a driving force to bring members together, sharing ideas and knowledge, thereby improving the association’s value proposition and reinforcing the trust that reigns within the EDHEC Alumni network.

The permanent EDHEC Alumni staff team support this role in logistical and budgetary terms, as well as through communication and advice: ambassadors must be able to invest in the areas they feel most need it. For example, the different roles are often broken down as follows when it comes to organising an event:

- Choice of topic, content, format and guest speakers
- Text describing the event
- Contact with guest speakers and follow-up
- Welcoming delegates and moderating the event

EDHEC Alumni:
- Coordinating the offer as a whole
- Advice on event format and content
- Facilitating contact with talented individuals or professors from EDHEC
- Logistical support or even managing logistics from A-Z
- Communication targeting the EDHEC Alumni network
- Budget allocation

Ambassadors are responsible for welcoming alumni of all ages and from all EDHEC courses (BBA, Grande Ecole, MSc, BSc Online, AMP, CSM, MBA) to their club. Students belong to the EDHEC Alumni network (as soon as they enter first year), something not everyone is aware of. How can we engage students to become ambassadors?

Appeal of the role of ambassador

- Develop your own personal and professional network;
- Continue to learn and grow, whether at club events or through fruitful exchanges with graduates;
- Enjoy yourself, “leave your mark”, make your voice heard within EDHEC, find and give meaning to your actions;
- Develop skills as a moderator, in communication, event planning and project management;
- Be visible within the network of EDHEC graduates and the School as a whole, promote the EDHEC brand;
- Work for your community and share your experience;
- Be a committed contributor to EDHEC’s 2020–2025 strategic plan “Impact Future Generations”.

Ambassadors can be identified by the icon next to their name in the online EDHEC Alumni directory.

Ambassadors are free to end their commitment at any time. The average duration of their involvement is 1 or 2 years, but it can of course be longer! Their contribution over time safeguards the club’s posterity and its best practices, also making it easier for a successor to take over.

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