Donors of the month: Anne-Laure and Damien GROS, Master 1993

Published on 23/05/2019
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"I think that the principle of donation should be taught at EDHEC. 

When we look at the different forms of reflection, whether philosophical, psychological or sociological, we can distinguish two main categories of donation:

  • The absolute donation, a charitable and completely benevolent contribution, perhaps a little utopian but which exists at least in theory. I sincerely believe that when you make a donation, you are not in this logic of charity.

  • The exchange donation is a contribution that is not completely selfless, not completely unconditional and that will ask for or expect a certain reciprocity. 

There is a triptych: give, receive and give back.

When we give, we tend to give back: we create or nurture a social bond.

This social connection is the one that will nourish the EDHEC community: from the faculty, to students, to administration and alumni.

We are part of a huge EDHEC community that needs to be nurtured and, as Emmanuel Métais says, competition with other schools is fierce, especially with new schools that have no campus and no students.

What will make EDHEC different?

It is a team, a community and a social bond.

This social bond is where the donation comes into play. Those who receive today must give back tomorrow, give back to the EDHEC community, in one way or another.

The donation is not completely unconditional, but it will fuel our EDHEC community to grow.

Since we are proud to be part of it, let's contribute!"

Anne-Laure and Damien Gros, EDHEC Master 1993

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