Donors of the month: Anne et Christophe Guichard, EDHEC 1993, Director, L'Oreal Cosmetic Active France, and General Partner, Eclosion.

Published on 16/04/2019
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"We have given in line with our wonderful years at EDHEC"

Anne and Christophe Guichard, EDHEC 1993

Anne and Christophe Guichard has celebrated their 25th school year in 2018. To give sense to this celebration, they decided to support the EDHEC projects (and particularly the EDHEC scholarship programme) during the Challenge Promos 2018.
They decided to give after having met and discussed with other EDHEC alumni, as a way to keep in touch with the school. They were willing not only to enable young EDHECs to benefit from the experience they had acquired, but also to give them the means to also make an impact.


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