Donor of the month: Michael BOUMENDIL, Master EDHEC 1994, Gold Circle Donor

Published on 21/12/2020
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EDHEC sets itself apart by creating its own sound identity through Sixième Son

In order to federate its community and increase its influence in France and internationally, EDHEC Business School, recognised as one of the best management schools in the world, is innovating and pursuing the development of its brand by acquiring a sound identity signed Sixième Son. This is a new chapter in the school's history brought about thanks to the generosity of Michaël Boumendil, EDHEC Alumni 1994, Gold Circle Donor, President and Founder of Sixième Son.

"The success of Sixième Son would not have been the one it is today if, at the beginning, EDHEC had not armed me to build this project. I feel indebted to EDHEC. I am therefore very happy to have been able to offer EDHEC its own sound identity, with Sixième Son.

I believe that the ability we have as entrepreneurs to take risks can be inspiring for some. Perhaps Sixth Sound’s capacity to invent a profession can inspire the desire to take risks. But with hindsight, isn't the real risk being to risk nothing? I believe that we are in such an era of transformation that the greatest risk is not to take the risk at all.

I also believe that the vocation of a successful company is not measured by the number of employees or the results it generates, but by its ability to help those who join, so that they can find their way and fulfil themselves. EDHEC graduates can guide the new EDHEC generation.

I think it is crucial that the EDHEC Alumni support each other. Promoting the school and the brand is also an opportunity for self-promotion. People of my generation know that you never get anywhere alone. And seeing talented young people fulfil themselves is the only way, as a society, to solve the challenges ahead, which are far from trivial! We are the links in a chain: the stronger the next links are and the more concerned we are about the other links, the healthier and more sustainable the chain will be."

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