Diversity & Career: contribute to the study by EDHEC Open Leadership Centre for Diversity & Inclusion

Published on 30/07/2020
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Since we are all different, this study intends to assess the relationships between diversity and equal opportunity in terms of career.

Since there is no right solution without a good understanding of the subject, we need your participation.

This study links the different forms of diversity (gender, origin, sexual orientation, etc.), equal opportunity in terms of career and salary, and personal life choices (e.g. in terms of work-life balance).

Participate and help us advance the practice!

This survey is designed by the researchers of the EDHEC Open Leadership Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, dedicated to improving diversity in organizations.

To contribute to this project, please answer the online questionnaire: Here 





EDHEC Open-Leadership was created in response to the Diversity issues and challenges faced by companies. Our objective is to innovate in order to accelerate the progress of diversity in companies and to achieve the "managerial transition" required for organizations that wish to continue to develop in an innovative, sustainable and inclusive manner.

More information on https://www.edhec.edu/en/edhec-open-leadership/diversity-and-inclusion

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