Different ways to get involved in your EDHEC Alumni community

Published on 24/06/2020
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Many of you are wondering how to contribute to the network. Discover the different ways to get involved in your EDHEC Alumni community!


You bring together EDHEC people with a professional or personal interest in common, organise conferences and informal get-togethers, assess the needs of the alumni, promote discussion and develop links with other networks. 
5 hours per month

EDHEC Alumni clubs can be:

  • Professional - deal with a specific sector or profession
  • Local - same city, same country
  • Sports & Leisure - same hobby
  • Class - same graduation class
  • Programme - same programme
  • Corporate - link between your company and EDHEC


You are elected to serve on the EDHEC Alumni board of directors by members during the annual general meeting. You represent the interests of members and validate the association’s strategy.
5 hours per month


By sharing your personal experience, you make it easier for a young (or not that young!) graduate/student to succeed in the turning point of her/his professional life (entrepreneurship, acceleration, job change...). You, the mentor, and your mentee develop a win-win relationship.
15 hours over 6 months


Thanks to your professional expertise, you share your experience with students during a course organized by EDHEC professors or with graduates during round tables or conferences organized by professional clubs or local clubs.
1 day


Take part in one of our events to activate this badge.
> https://alumni.edhec.edu/AGENDA
3 hours


Each year EDHEC Business School appeals to your sagacity to select the best students.
3 hours


Your EDHEC Alumni profile is up to date. You have agreed to accept requests from the network relating to: your job, sector, market, country, post-EDHEC career, and your company and its recruitment process.
I sign up as EDHEC Resource
10 minutes to 2 hours a year

2,500 DONORS

You make a donation to support a student scholarship or the research and development of EDHEC Business School. You can also encourage your company to give its “Taxe d’apprentissage” to EDHEC Business School.
I make a gift
3 minutes


You hire EDHEC alumni by posting your job offers on http://careers.edhec.edu or by email at job@edhec.edu 
3 minutes


Your profile is considered up to date when you have provided at least one email, a postal address and a phone, making you reachable by the network.
I check my profile
3 minutes

Career change? Moving house?