Ambassadors day: coming together to boost the commitment of the EDHEC community!

Published on 14/02/2019
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On Saturday 26 January, 100 ambassadors and EDHEC Alumni trustees came together for a day-long event on the Paris campus to address the theme: Boost your community engagement!
The 8th edition of Ambassadors Day was an opportunity for EDHEC’s most passionate graduates to come together to tease out new ideas and develop best practices with a specific goal in mind: to encourage more graduates to get involved for the benefit of EDHEC and the alumni community. 

Coming together to enhance the EDHEC network!

Benoit Arnaud, Associate Dean and director of EDHEC Online, gave delegates a preview of the School’s strategy and the objectives underpinning the new online courses.

The ambassadors from the Finance, New York, Côte d'Azur, Singapore and Tribu Développement clubs were centre stage this year to present their strategy for ensuring a dynamic community and to share their best practices.

The new members of the EDHEC Alumni board of trustees (elected just 4 days earlier!), including Geoffroy Sardin, EDHEC Alumni’s new president, made the most of this event to meet with the ambassadors from the professional, local and international clubs (some had travelled from Asia or the US specially for the occasion) and get down to the business of setting out a roadmap for 2019. 

"4 key strategic objectives for 2019:

  • Boost community involvement 
  • Optimise communications to match members’ expectations (no more mass emails and a new tailored approach!) 
  • Enhance international development by recruiting new country managers in strategic zones 
  • Develop a new offer of Lifelong Learning"

In the afternoon, ambassadors, trustees and EDHEC staff members attended a class presented by Billy Salha, PhD professor of strategy at EDHEC, with a view to putting in place their strategy to boost the commitment of members. His method was put to good use during collaborative workshops with a focus on the key strategic objectives for running the EDHEC network. 

Congratulations to all our volunteer ambassadors: your enthusiasm is contagious and promises great things for 2019!

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Interested in helping to run the EDHEC network? Why not become a network ambassador?
Positions are available in several strategic clubs in France and overseas, and it is even possible to become an EDHEC e-ambassador. For more information contact:

> Géraldine Simon, local and international clubs
> Stéphanie Painchault, professional and leisure clubs
> Adeline Gondoux, promotion of the EDHEC community on social networks



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