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Published on 22/09/2020
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Our warmest thanks to all those EDHEC graduates who volunteered to share their experience. Their contribution led to fruitful exchanges in a warm and constructive setting. From start-up entrepreneurship to real estate and innovation, and from finance and luxury to marketing, retailing, healthcare and tech, all of the main sectors were represented.

Digital and networking – a winning combination! During this 2020 edition, new ways of meeting others were explored to help participants forge links remotely:
- Six mutual support groups between 4 and 10 people each met on three occasions this summer to put into practice the knowledge they had acquired as part of a group dynamic. These sessions were run by two professional coaches, former HR director Frédérique Cartalas (EDHEC Master 1990) and Iwann Le Dû (EDHEC Master 2000).
- One cycle of 5 webinars on job-searching challenges and career management were run by Christophe Bendayan (BBA EDHEC 1997), Director of Global Rh Consulting. These were a huge success in terms of numbers (400 participants), with content tailored to meet the audience’s level of experience.
- Another cycle of webinars on the right approach to networking by Sandrine Dufour (BBA EDHEC 1996), founder of Vert Et Ô.
- A LinkedIn group gave all 182 members the chance to keep in touch during the three summer months.


And who better to ask for testimonials than the participants themselves? We are delighted to give them the floor:

“I’m currently taking part in the Alumni Summer Session and would like to thank you for this excellent initiative. I’m particularly enjoying the topics addressed, the high quality of most of the guest speakers and the flexibility of the webinar format, which allows me to log in easily and watch content on replay.”

“I wanted to thank you for last Monday’s coaching session! These sessions are extremely rich, the content on offer is fantastic and the quality of the sessions is also largely thanks to your skills as a moderator (...) I’m lucky enough to be part of a nice group, in which links have been established so we can continue to communicate, help each other out and sustain our group dynamic throughout the summer."

“This presentation tweaks our perspective when it comes to the references of the key players as well as a certain freedom of choice. (...) To summarise, the tone was a breath of fresh air with a great deal of modesty."

“I’ve already taken part in 3 sessions with great pleasure. Thanks everyone."

“The Careers programme was fantastic! And all the more accessible in webinar format 👍"

“High-quality presentations throughout this Alumni Summer Session! Many thanks to the organisers and guest speakers."

“Perfect, very clear. Exactly what was needed. Many congratulations to the whole team, the webinars are great and answer many of the questions we have during this period. Thanks."

“Well done! Each phase in the seminar was carefully thought through and this session was just right after the ikigai and pitching sessions. Thanks!!"





 Watch everything on replay. Events in French 

- Introduction à l'Alumni Summer Session

Avec Martin Barbier (EDHEC Master 1988), Manuelle Malot (EDHEC Master 1986), Silvia Marichalar & Isabelle Rouhan (EDHEC Master 1997)
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- Quelle réinvention pour « l’après crise » ?
Nouveaux territoires, compétences et posture pour les dirigeants
Webinaire proposé par l'EDHEC Executive Education
Avec Denis Dauchy, professeur de stratégie et Maïlys Vicaire-Toulemonde, co-directrice des programmes Dirigeants
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- Talk like a champion
Avec Emma Mufraggi
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- Atelier découverte "Trouver son Ikigaï"
Avec Christelle Caucheteux (EDHEC Master 1996)
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- Comment se présenter efficacement en entretien ? Le pitch de 3 minutes
Avec Laurence Menard-Zantman
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- Le management de transition  : une révolution sociale au profit d'une intelligence professionnelle
Avec Karina Sebti
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- Trouver du sens pour se réinventer
Avec Jonathan Sardas
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- Organiser efficacement sa recherche d'emploi
par Arnaud Delphin
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(Code d'accès: 1H&7iqik)

- Se centrer sur son désir professionnel
par Karine Savigny
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- Concentrez-vous ! Et gagnez en efficacité
Avec Jonathan Sardas
Vidéo à venir



- Nouveaux métiers du marketing et culture start-up
Avec Arnaud Hochart (MSc Entrepreneurship 2019)
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- Le secteur de la finance : Private Equity et Corporate Finance
avec David Laroque (MSc Corporate Finance 2012)
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- Les secteurs de l'Immobilier et du Retail
avec Nicolas Boyer (CSM 2019)
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- Le secteur de la Tech : métiers de l'E-Commerce et de la Gestion de Produit
avec Nicolas Roth (MSc Global Business 2014) et Katarzyna Moritz (MSc Marketing 2016)
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- La reprise d'entreprise : opportunités et challenges
Avec Romain Rougier (EDHEC Master 2004)

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- Un parcours dans le secteur de la santé 
Avec Fernando Martin Ariel (CSM 2018) et Lucie Friedlander (MBA 2019)
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 - Osez aller au bout de vos rêves ! Inspirez-vous de 10 entrepreneurs visionnaires
Avec Vanessa Perez (EDHEC Master 1994)
o à venir


Par Christophe Bendayan (BBA EDHEC 1997), Directeur du Cabinet GLOBAL RH CONSULTING

-Quelle stratégie adopter pour son projet professionnel après le COVID-19 ?
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- L'entretien de recrutement et la négociation des conditions d'embauche et de rupture de contrat
> Orienté jeunes diplômés et 1re expérience
Voir la vidéo
> Orienté diplômés expérimentés
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- Marché de l’emploi digital et stratégie de candidatures spontanées 
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