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23 October 2020
Appointments - Pascale SCIACALUGA (BBA EDHEC 1994) Deputy Director of the Commercial Network at Crédit Coopératif


Pascale SCIACALUGA (BBA EDHEC 1994) is appointed Deputy Director of the Commercial Network at Crédit Coopératif.

A bank for the social and solidarity economy, for companies in the real economy and for citizens who share the same humanist vision of the world, Crédit Coopératif is committed alongside its client-members to build a real, fairer, more local, more respectful of the environment, more human. A pioneer spirit and pioneer of new frontiers, Crédit Coopératif campaigns and innovates in favor of ever more committed finance, empowering its clients to act individually and collectively for social housing, culture for all, education and research, integration, disability, public health, international solidarity, mutualism, cooperatives ...


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