Tribu Développement

Tribu Développement


The Development tribe is a network of young professionals whose aim is to raise awareness of sustainable development in both professional and personal contexts. Originally composed of graduates of EDHEC, it maintains a privileged link with the school, while being open to all today.

Tools of the Tribe
Each cycle of conferences gives rise to the creation of educational tools such as folders or videos.
Depending on requests, they can be made available for the organization of courses or awareness-raising activities within companies.

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The activities of the Development Tribe are organized according to the expectations of its active members and follow the evolution of issues related to sustainable development (social responsibility of companies, social economy and solidarity, fair trade, microfinance, international solidarity ...).

The Tribe intervenes in different forms:
The palaver
The Tribe has chosen for its conferences debates to draw inspiration from the African tradition of the palaver tree, a mode of communication and conflict management that leaves room for even polemic exchange, A constructive step forward.

In order to promote the exchange of skills and know-how, the Tribune Development promotes meetings between associations and companies and encourages them to share their experience with the general public.

Contact Meetings
Informal meetings are regularly organized to encourage exchanges with new active members and to cultivate the desire to set up joint projects. Any interested person is invited to join the Development Tribe.

Discover the events of the Tribe in video:

18 septembre 2012 : "Envie d’entreprendre, retour sur le parcours de différents entrepreneurs sociaux »


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