Our projects 
1 Shining Conferences: one plenary session annually with presentations by key speakers about the glass ceiling and women leadership
2 Co-Dev Workshops to help Alumni in their career and in business thanks to the inputs of experts as well as participants
3 Webinar :  to give voices to Alumni Talent by giving the possibility to the webinar'participants to ask questions and share informations.
4 Info-sharing:
articles, documents, books, tips and tricks, with online debriefing to maintain the virtual link and share what we have learned from one another.
5 Mentoring:
Part of the STREAM programme organised by EDHEC ALUMNI, addressing the need to “empower women”.
6 Networking:
Theme-based events to promote links between female professionals.
7 Closer links with the other “ELLES” clubs
8 Promotion of EDHEC'ELLES to students at the school
9 Assessment of the launch of "EDHEC'ELLES et ILS" awards to promote all the men and women who work to ensure true equality between the sexes in the corporate world.

We are looking for female ambassadors on a voluntary basis like us to develop our activities.
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Our aim

To develop female leadership in business with pragmatism and open-mindedness, let alone stereotypes


( MBA, 2013 )
Professional ambassador

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