Set up your career plans


This step is essential before starting your job search. You really have to know who you are and what you want before applying for jobs. This page contains some tests to do in order to help you with the self-assessment process.


To learn more about yourself, know how to speak about yourself, and help you develop your career plan 

Personnality tests (in English and French)


Aptitude tests

To register and receive your access code(s) to the test(s), contact Sabine LEBRUN




Access to online assessment system:

  • Work-related Behaviour (management)
  • Numerical Reasoning (consumer)
  • Verbal Reasoning (consumer)
  • Vocational Interests and Motivation

You can access HIGHERED for free using your EDHEC email address.



"Most of the time, it is difficult to be objective with a self-assessment and not fall into the trap of complacency which could lead to non-strategic decision. This is where EDHEC Career Centre guidance was interesting. Indeed, my concern was more about knowing what is the thinking process that one should have with respect to a career path. Ialso discovered interesting tools to support my thinking process."
A.D. EDHEC 2014 


To access most of our career tools you need to register using your EDHEC mail address (e.g. or If you cannot access this email address, please contact The EDHEC mail adress is accessible through Office Outlook 365.



"A very structured and practical approach. The orientation tools were especially useful to help define my career project. I also found very helpful the links of the EDHEC Career Centre and the list of coaches and recruiters that Silvia Marichalar shared with me."
J.H, EDHEC 2008



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