Prepare your recruitment process


Recruitment processes are becoming more and more challenging and sophisticated. No matter what job you are applying you will be faced with a long series of interviews, tests and exercises devised to identify if you are the best candidate for the role.


GRADUATEFIRST.COM gives you access to aptitude tests using your EDHEC email address and creating your own password.







  • The Cover Letter is a letter of introduction that highlights your key accomplishments and fit for a job opening. It tells the employer the type of position you're seeking and exactly how you are qualified for that specific position.
  • LinkedIn is your online CV and networking platform. It is the most professional and widely used social media for employment. Your online presence is vital to succeed in your job search. 

  • Networking means creating a group of acquaintances and contacts and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit. Networking is based on the question "How can I help?" and not with "What can I get?". 

  • HIGHERED webinars: you can register to the following webinars to get more advice on your online assessments and Linkedin profil using your EDHEC email address.


If you are interested in a competency-based interview simulation, please contact Silvia Marichalar, International Career Manager who will organize an On-Campus Interviewing session with you in the Paris campus or by Skype.


To access most of our career tools you need to register using your EDHEC mail address (e.g. or If you cannot access this email address, please contact The EDHEC mail adress is accessible through Office Outlook 365.




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