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  WATs4U is a shared space with 22 Alumni associations of the most prestigious schools because that excellence we are convinced multiples when it is shared. WATs4U offers you unique professional opportunities; access to job offers that match you and exchange with other graduates. You could access WATs4U using your EDHEC Alumni website codes.

  More than 8000 Job offers from your Alumni Career Centre. You could acces your alumni career centre using your specific Career Centre code.

  HigherEd EFMD Global Career Services: Access to international job and internship offers, company data base, online assessment system… You could access Highered for free using your email


To access most of our career tools you need to register using your EDHEC mail address (e.g. or If you cannot access this email address, please contact The EDHEC mail adress is accessible through Office Outlook 365.




    GoinGlobal helps job seekers find opportunities both at home and abroad. Constantly updated career resource committed to providing “grassroots employment intelligence” through local career experts. These globally-minded individuals are in place around the world, personally monitoring and updating the career information and resources that are delivered to you. You will find countries and cities career guides, an international job board, an H1Bplus database listing american employers looking for international profiles and an employer directory. You could access goinglobal for free through the WATs4U website with your EDHEC alumni password.
    The world’s best provider of content and rankings for sectors, firms and professions in the world. You could access VAULT for free using your email.
    Careers International connect you with the employer you deserve through an excellent series of online events, face-to-face summits, and dedicated recruiting projects with top-tier employers.
    Helping MBA students explore the right jobs, leadership programs and employers, across industries and geographies, is our primary objective. We bring them unique information unavailable anywhere else and make it easy to identify more career opportunities while saving them time.
    Guide des professionnels du recrutement, 9e édition Janvier 2018 (in French)

Palmarès 2020 des 260 meilleurs cabinets de recrutement selon « Les Echos » et l'institut Statista (in French) 

Many EDHEC graduates also work in recruitment firms. They can be good assets for knowing how to enhance your journey. Find their contact in the online directory




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