Socially Responsible Organisation of the Year


Established in 2011, this award acknowledges an EDHEC graduate for his/her outstanding career and his/her social and/or economic impact within an organization/NGO or social enterprise. He/she may be an entrepreneur in the field of social economy. This association/NGO or company has citizenship and social and environmental responsibility at the heart of its business values. Open to the world, it advocates active solidarity.

More particularly, this person has used the best of his/her ability to implement social and economic change all with a spirit of solidarity. He/she has shown commitment and originality. Last but not least, real leadership must have been used as a catalyst to enhance the performance and daily motivation of his/her employees. 


Our previous prize winners


with Maud Sarda (EDHEC 2011) wins the EDHEC Socially Responsible Organisation of the Year 2018 award.

Maud graduated from EDHEC in 2005 and went on to work in consulting for a few years with Accenture before joining Emmaüs France in 2010. She developed a real fondness for this highly engaged movement, which reaches out to the most excluded members of society and endeavours to give them an active role as citizens on a daily basis. In 2016, she founded Label Emmaüs, an online social aid boutique with a catalogue made up of second-hand products donated by the public and restored by the Emmaüs team. represented a gamble which, if successful, would allow Emmaüs to establish its own presence and promote its own values in the world of e-commerce. The mission of this counter model – up against conventional commercial websites – is to train people facing exclusion in the business of e-commerce and to guarantee buyers that their transaction is socially responsible. It has cooperative status with a governance structure that is divided across all stakeholders (employees, sellers, buyers, partners, etc.).

The website currently has 220,000 items for sale (home furnishings, furniture, clothing, accessories, books, etc.), and 9 out of 10 clients would recommend it to their friends and family. More than 150 people have received training in visually framing the products for sale, reference listing, stock management and preparing orders, all key skills for business in the future. Label Emmaüs hopes gradually to integrate the 350 Emmaüs points of sale onto the platform, and more broadly to include all stakeholders from the social and solidarity economy with a view to becoming France’s first solidarity marketplace!

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LEMON TRI with Augustin JACLIN (EDHEC 2010), 2017 award

Entrepreneur in sustainable development and the social and solidarity economy; has contributed to the launch of several business projects in France, Canada and the US.

In 2010, he co-founded LEMON TRI, an innovative company that recycles drinks packaging through the installation and operation of intelligent collection sites. LEMON TRI recovers millions of packages through “incentivising” units distributed across France and Belgium. Each user who sorts waste is motivated by a fun reward-based system, and each package is 100% recycled as part of a circular economy.

In 2016, to ensure LEMON TRI would have more of a social impact, he launched an outreach subsidiary known as LEMON AIDE in partnership with FACE (Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion) and the Danone Fund for Nature. The objective was to facilitate the reinsertion of people outside the job market by providing training in recycling and logistics. The gamble has paid off: LEMON AIDE is currently running its second training course for 8 employees, and the programme’s first beneficiaries experienced a rate of return to employment of 85%.

Augustin is a graduate of EDHEC (GE 2011) and a former participant in Columbia University’s international competition for entrepreneurs: NYC Next Idea. He regularly contributes to conferences and helped to draw up the Attali report, “Pour une économie positive”, submitted to President Hollande. He gives classes on “social entrepreneurship” at EDHEC.

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Twitter: @augustinjaclin @LemonTri @LemonAideFr


Emmaüs Solidarité, with Lionel Audigier (EDHEC Master 1992), 2016 award

Having pocketed his EDHEC diploma and not knowing which way to turn, Lionel began his career in financial and management positions in global companies: Total, Vivendi and TPS. These opportunities provided him with technical skills and generous remuneration packages, but left him deeply dissatisfied.

With a passion for music, he took a year out to train in music as a guitarist and percussionist. But he never became a rock singer. Not talented enough? Or perhaps because he soon became a young father?
He then turned his attention to culture and the public sector, where he held various positions for a period of around 6 years: general secretary of Forum des Images (Paris), internal auditor with the Conseil Général de l’Essonne, and CFO for the Festival de Saint-Denis.

In 2007 he joined Emmaüs, renewing his ties with the volunteer work that had helped him find meaning while working for the oil industry, when he helped the homeless one evening each week at an emergency shelter known as La Péniche du Cœur.

At Emmaüs Solidarité, an association that offers assistance to the most disadvantaged members of society, the homeless and, more recently, migrants, he set up the management control department and later joined the senior management team, where he was responsible for the general secretariat and fundraising.

He knows now that he has found the right path, one in which culture and/or solidarity play a central role.
His training at EDHEC as well as the skills he acquired in the private sector have allowed him to do his bit for organizations undergoing massive change as they progress towards professionalization, but which must ensure they keep their soul and core values intact!


Laurette Fugain association, with Delphine Hoffmann (Master 1997), 2015 award

Following her graduation from EDHEC Business School, in 1997, Delphine Hoffman started off with a marketing career at Henkel. In 2003 she decided to give a new meaning to her career by taking part in a philanthropic cause, and joined the association Laurette Fugain, which had been recently created.

Head of Partnership Development in Laurette Fugain Association, Delphine brings her professional expertise and enthusiastic communication. For 12 years now, she has been thoroughly involved with this ever changing organization which has become a reference in the fight against Leukemia. Delphine is passionate about developing the philanthropic engagement of business companies through many different types of interventions (promoting public awareness of life donations, fundraising, sports challenges …) while raising a growing number of partners.



Institut Télémaque, with Gaëlle Simon (Master 2000), 2014 award

Institut Télémaque is a not-for-profit association set up in 2005 in partnership with France’s Ministry of Education and chaired by Henri Lachmann, the former chairman of Schneider Electric. The association seeks to foster social mobility by providing assistance up to baccalaureate level to outstanding and motivated young persons originating from disadvantaged environments.  As part of the Télémaque project, the  young person receives support from an educational mentor (a member of the school) and a corporate tutor (a voluntary employee from one of the association’s corporate partners). Both roles involve broadening the young person’s horizons (“social mobility facilitators”) and assisting in the choices regarding his/her future career. 

After gaining  four years of experience with Renault as a project manager for the company’s trade shows in France and abroad, Gaëlle switched to the non-profit sector and joined the Institut Télémaque in its early days (when only 10 young people were receiving assistance and there was only 1 corporate partner). 8 years later, the project is an undoubted success: over 500 young people have been assisted through support from more than 30 companies (around 20 of which from the CAC 40) and from more than 1,000 employees and educational mentors!


ADIE ( Association pour le droit à l'initiative économique) with Maria Nowak, President and Founder, and Emmanuel Landais (Master 1989) , CEO, 2013 award

On the occasion of the 23rd EDHEC Rendez-vous, ADIE was rewarded for its actions against French micro enterprises since 1989. The community congratulates its founder, Maria Nowak and its director, Emmanuel Landais (GE 1989), for their commitment and energy towards entrepreneurship.
Adie helps people excluded from the labour market and the conventional banking system create their own companies and thus work for themselves through microfinance and mentoring suited to their needs. Adie has 450 employees and more than 1 200 volunteers in charge of examining loan applications, following up on projects and mentoring micro-entrepreneurs. Since its founding in 1989, Adie has enabled the creation of 86 000 companies.

It is to Maria Nowak, an economist specialising in microfinance, that we owe the founding of the Association pour le droit à l'initiative économique (ADIE, a non-profit micro-lender). In 1985, Maria Nowak met a Bangladeshi economist, Professor Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and future winner (2006) of the Nobel Peace Prize. She decided to bring this microfinance model to France ‘to give the excluded an opportunity.’2 In 1989, she founded, with the moral support of Prof. Yunus, the Association pour le droit à l’initiative économique, which she became president of. In 1991 she was seconded to the World Bank in Washington to participate in the development of microfinance programmes in Central Europe. She also co-founded the Centre de la microfinance de l'Europe centrale et orientale (Central and Eastern Europe Microfinance Centre). From 2000 to 2002, she was special advisor to Laurent Fabius, socialist minister of finance. In 2003, she formed the Réseau européen de la microfinance (REM, European Microfinance Network), the presidency of which she held until 2008. In March 2011, she left the presidency of Adie, the board of which chose Catherine Barbaroux to succeed her. She retains the title of founding president and is still on the board. Maria Nowak is a knight in the Legion of Honour (1998) and commander in the French National Order of Merit (2011).

Emmanuel Landais, a 1989 graduate of EDHEC, began his career with various experiences in the for-profit sector. He then moved into the non-profit sector, becoming an officer at an association providing aid to people of foreign origin. In 1992 he became counsellor to Adie and then head of fundraising. He became president in 1986.


SOS Entrepreneur, with Bruno Delcampe (Executive 2012), 2012 award

The association was formed to help SME business owners in serious financial difficulty and to end the awful impression of isolation… to enable them to once again create economic wealth and jobs. SOS Entrepreneur looks for the financial resources (via a Solidarity Fond) that will enable a business owner to be supported for 3 to 6 months, for ½ or 1 day a week, to set up an "Anti-crisis" action plan. The "Anti-crisis" plan helps the different partners to regain trust in the framework of the Loi de Sauvegarde of 2005.



Babyloan, launched by Aurélie Duthoit (GE 2005), 2011 award

Aurélie Duthoit is an EDHEC graduate and has a Master in Business Management degree. Before joining OXUS, the microfinance branch of ACTED, she worked in the international socially-oriented venture creation sector. 3 years ago, Aurélie began working with a partner on the launch of Babyloan. Mother of two, Aurélie has a true entrepreneurial mindset. The aim behind the launch of Babyloan is to help build a fairer world.

Babyloan is a pioneering website, offering a social lending platform for disadvantaged micro-entrepreneurs who cannot access the ordinary banking system.
Her entrepreneurial values are: Dare, Share, Create and Enthuse.