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EDHEC Career Centre for life in partnership with ESCP Europe Alumni invite you to participate to the information meeting:


Avarap Career-change workshops/Programme: a new way to boost your career!

- Are you ready for new challenging job opportunities?

- Do you feel like evolving to new responsibilities within your current employer or elsewhere?

- Are there some restructuring going on in your company, and you wish to anticipate your next steps?

- You already have some ideas about your next career move, and wish to validate your project?

To find the answer to these questions and take control of your career, try AVARAP!

AVARAP offers a 4-month programme, based on weekly evening workshops and 5 full days. Its success is based on group dynamics and creativity.

A certified facilitator will lead the participants of the group through 3 steps:

1 – Analyse and assess your professional background to identify skills, qualities, affinities and improve self awareness

2 – Explore and identify career options in your company or externally in the job market 

3 – Build a realistic action plan, appropriate tools and communication to achieve your career goals

If you have at least 5 years of professional experience and would like to know more about this programme, please come to this free information meeting!

Register on the right hand side ⇒

you will receive to link to join in 2 or 3 days prior to the webinar.

If you wish to listen to testimonials from former participants, please click HERE

Weekly evening workshops will start on Monday 9th or 16th of September 2019.

Speaker: Ana Belinda PENALVER PENA - ESCP Europe 2005 . Executive and Career Coach - Facilitator of the Avarap programme starting in September.

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Tuesday 25th June 2019 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM


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Tuesday 25th June 2019 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
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