EDHEC Alumni Act for Tomorrow
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Let's change the course of things!

Has the upheaval of recent months given you the urge to do your bit and hand over a better world to future generations?

We want to give all EDHEC Alumni members the possibility to become actively involved in our network, helping to effect the changes they would like to see in today’s world. This promise is embodied in our "EDHEC Alumni Act for Tomorrow" programme.

EDHEC Alumni wants to give you the possibility to become actively involved in our network, helping to effect the changes you would like to see in today’s world:

- Discover new ways of acting collectively with a positive mindset
- Come up with robust initiatives or new forms of engagement to put their convictions into practice
- Learn to help others from EDHEC Alumni in just a few minutes


  Duration of the programme: 2 weeks, including a cumulated time of 3.5 to 6 hours of involvement depending on your motivation and availability
  Minimum time of involvement: 1 workshop on Tuesday 2 March (2 hours) and 1 workshop on Tuesday 16 March (1.5 hours)
One time slot to choose: 10am or 6pm (French time, CET)
  8-15 people teams
  Accessible worldwide, either in English or French
Open to all EDHEC students and graduates


Programme rollout

Together we can travel further. The highlight of this programme will be two workshops on collective intelligence (two weeks apart), involving 8 to 15 EDHEC Alumni from different countries who have chosen a shared theme. The goal is to motivate one another and excel together!

In this two-week programme you will:

  Take part in two workshops:
The session on 2 March will last 2 hours, with the aim of convergence between (even the craziest) aspirations of all participants and each group choosing the right direction for EDHEC Alumni’s actions going forward.
- The one on 16 March will last 1.5 hours, with the aim of making the initiatives more concrete and “doing the numbers” so they can be pitched to the other groups.
  Join a WhatsApp group with fellow participants from your workshops
  Receive 3 resource emails containing sources of inspiration to fuel the process of reflection, as well as challenges to take up.

By signing up, you agree to take part in 2 workshops, each at the same time slot, choosing either the morning (10am) or evening (6pm) slot, French time (CET).




SHARE: Create the event of the future

Are you convinced that the capacity of businesses for innovation and their take-up of technical advances are among the solutions of the future? Would you like to reaffirm and share that conviction? We invite you to come up with ideas for a series of conferences, roundtable discussions or workshops with an international dimension addressing our network, with the aim of sharing knowledge and skills!

Example: a series of conferences on the Green Tech sector in New York, Singapore and London

CARE: Look after the planet and mankind

Do you believe that our EDHEC Alumni network will be even stronger if it acts in favour of the environment, human dignity and inclusion? Help us further improve our already rich schedule of mentoring and solidarity events by coming up with new ways for our community to get involved and engage at a local level in a town/city or across a region/country or even internationally.

Example: a series of workshops on ocean pollution and a call to action to all EDHEC alumni to make beaches cleaner

DARE: Act for your network

Volunteer work is the foundation of our EDHEC Alumni network. It is thanks to the ideas, desires and energy of our volunteers that we are in a position to boast such a dynamic community that reflects who you are. In this current climate of upheaval, we need your views so that the different ways of getting involved correspond in all respects to your desire to act and make an impact on the network.

Example: involve students or boost interactions on social media with the help of e-ambassadors


Open to all EDHEC Alumni members, students and graduates alike

No preconditions: all that counts is that you approach the event with an open and constructive mindset and an appetite to create something new as a team..

Groups will be formed to reflect the diversity of the EDHEC Alumni community.

Whether an EDHEC student or graduate, getting involved for the first time or an inveterate volunteer, living in Paris, San Francisco or Sydney ... join us!

We are waiting for you, whether you already have ideas for projects or are jumping into the deep end of cooperative workshops for the first time.






What's next?

Après ce programme, if the project proposal is feasible and in line with EDHEC Alumni’s values, participants will have the chance to make it a reality in 2021 with support from the Association.

Whether in a group or going it alone, you will receive support from the EDHEC Alumni team to move forward.


Throughout this two-week programme, in concrete terms you will:

- Meet with EDHEC Alumni who are passionate about the same subjects as you
- Learn about new ways to get involved within and outside the network
- Come up with ideas for a series of events or collective initiative
- Be equipped with the tools you need to implement it thanks to EDHEC Alumni
- Build a meaningful project together


Any questions?

Contact Stéphanie Painchault and Thibault Vicq, Alumni Relations Managers.


From Tuesday 2nd March 2021
10:00 AM
to Tuesday 16th March 2021
07:30 PM (GMT +2)
Registration deadline : 15th February
The event is organized online
  • Free

Registration closed


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From Tuesday 2nd March 2021
10:00 AM
to Tuesday 16th March 2021
07:30 PM (GMT +2)
Registration deadline : 15th February
The event is organized online
  • Free

Registration closed
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