Good practice guidelines for using the network

1. Don’t be afraid to contact the alumni information about their sector of activity, their job, their company … and also for advice about your career plan, to adapt your CV, etc. Take advantage of these special contacts.

2. Use the right technique: start by sending an email (Edhec or personal email address). Like that you won’t bother anyone and making initial contact before calling is likely to pay off in the end. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket: contact several people to get different perspectives and increase your chances of getting an answer.

Be specific in your request: what are you looking for exactly, why are you contacting this particular person? Like this, the person you’re contacting won’t waste any time.

3.  Don’t forget to thank the person/people who helped you and gave you a little of their time, and give them some feedback. This also helps them to know if their advice was useful or not.

4. Give something back: the network is an exchange. You’ve been helped, now you can help! As a student, you needed sponsors, so spread the word that you can give advice in your field of expertise, make a contribution to the EDHEC Foundation … there are plenty of ways you can help!

5. Take part in meetings: get actively involved in your network. You can get precious advice, contacts, leads or perspectives that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought about from a simple discussion with other alumni. Make yourself known and increase your chances of extending your circle of acquaintances. Hope to see you soon at the next Edhec meeting…!