I/ Identity
. Martin Parard
. Edhec Grande Ecole (2000)
. ITIL Certification
From the moment I arrived at EDHEC, everything seemed to point me in the direction of entrepreneurship:
- First, I spent almost 3 years working in EDHEC's Junior Entreprise Association
- My entry-level job was in a leading consulting agency where I worked on the creation and development of a real profit centre for over 4 years
- I then spent almost 5 years working for the client in question to consolidate my competencies and my professional legitimacy
- I created an e-commerce website in 2008 (www.avenuedeversailles.fr)
- I then created my own business in 2009, called ADSI Conseil (www.adsi-conseil.com)

II/ Business start-up project
. ADSI Conseil / www.adsi-conseil.com
Consulting agency specialising in new technologies and IT systems
Target: mid market & leading corporations
Growth: from 0 to 300K€ turnover in first 6 months (founded at beginning of 2009)
Objectives: 1M€ of turnover by end of 2010
5 employees, including 1 EDHEC alumni
. Specificity: to support our clients in developing their activity by way of NICT
Today, IT systems are essential to a company's value creation chain, no matter what its size or the sector it's positioned in.
Technologies and their fields of application are changing more and more rapidly, and the capacity to harness them is a key strategic issue for organisations: should knowledge & the resources needed to obtain and maintain the operational conditions for an effective information system be internalised or externalised?
Each organisation has its own specific expertise and know-how, its strategies and its challenges, its culture and its people, as well as its own IT strategy.
Whatever your situation or your objectives, the ADSI teams will give you the advice and expertise you need to develop your specific IT system and make it a key driver in optimising and developing your company.
For global or tailored support, the ADSI teams offer both operational & technical expertise, combining their experience and their consulting expertise with a complete range of services that offer strong value added.
The ADSI brand: a pragmatic approach to immediately exploitable and value-creating solutions

III/ What do expect from the EDHEC network?
- We hope the EDHEC network will help us develop and extend our reputation  
- Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or queries about ADSI Conseil:
Mobile: 06 11 05 01 99
Good luck to all EDHEC entrepreneurs!