Lille | The CCDU EDHEC association focuses on building a commercial bridge between China and France

Publié le 11/02/2019
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An association to keep an eye on in 2019!

CCDU EDHEC, abbreviation of Chinese Career Development Union of EDHEC Business School, is a student association dedicated to serving all Chinese alumni worldwide and those who have interest in China. Founded in 2015, CCDU, a career-oriented student association and the first official Chinese community established by EDHEC, is focusing on providing career related services including tailored consultation, experience-sharing seminar and after-work activities.







Slogan & Mission

Our slogan is “mutual assistance, sharing, and promotion”, focusing on the effective sharing of experience and information. Our mission is to consolidate Alumni resource and build a commercial bridge between China and France. We believe that China + France = Chance.



We serve all EDHEC students:

  • As long as new students get officially enrolled, a WeChat group for the use of communication and hospitality will be created until they come to France. At the same time, our "EDHEC Application Handbook" and "VISA Application Handbook" enable students to quickly understand the application process, visa, and answer their inquiries in real time.


  • Right after they come to France, CCDU will hold a welcome exchange meeting, such as Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake and other activities. The "CCDU French Life Guide" is updated every year to ensure all Chinese students a seamless transition to French life. Professionally, CCDU organizes various forms of experience sharing seminar in which Alumni will come to share their working experience and bring valuable insight into firms and industries.


  • Subsequent to graduation, Alumni who have stayed in France will be contacted by us. Thanks to our Networking events and outdoor activities in Paris, Chinese community are now better integrating into French culture, with more and more French getting to know about Chinese.


Future expectations and prospects:

CCDU will insist on improving the professional performance of Chinese students. At present, the cohesive work of the students in the school has basically achieved initial results. In the future, we plan to enrich our services for students by building more school-enterprise cooperation opportunities.


Our 2019 events:

Topic: Breaking into Luxury in France

Date: 26.01.2019

Alumni Guest: Mengyuan JIAO of Ohana & Co

Alumni Guest: Zhen MA of Christian Dior

"We were very pleased to have Zhen MA from Christian Dior Couture and Mengyuan JIAO from Ohana & Co. as our special guests of the CCDU seminar "Breaking into Luxury in France". They came from Paris to Lille on purpose to share their experience, inspiring lots of Chinese students. Great thanks to Zhen and Mengyuan, and great appreciate to EDHEC ALUMNI for supporting us on this event."


Topic: Consulting Careers in China

Date: 28.01.2019

Alumni Guest: Dingyu HU of Accenture

"We were very pleased to have Dingyu HU from Accenture as our guest of CCDU seminar. He shared his experience and insight into consulting firms in China. It was a memorable afternoon with Dingyu and so many innovative students."

Topic: Chinese New Year Gala

Date: 07.02.2019

"The Chinese Lunar New Year is the oldest and most important festival in China, comparable to Christmas in the West.
The very meaning of Spring Festival is about gathering together and sharing happiness!
The CHINESE NEW YEAR GALA contained fantastic shows which combined Chinese traditional culture and modern culture.
Between the shows, there was several interesting interactive activities and we prepared a lot of delicate gifts for it.
Afterwards, we provided extremely delicious Chinese typical food."


Contact :

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President : Jinlong LI - President - CCDU EDHEC


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