Webinar: Tax diversification strategies in the USA

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Dear Alumni,
As the local ambassadors, we'd like to keep the momentum going, and keep our network active. Starting from July, we will have a series of virtual alumni networking events coming out. Our second one will be focused on the "Tax diversification strategies" in the USA.
Retirement isn’t what it used to be—especially with people living longer and spending more of their lives as retirees. With fewer companies offering pensions, and Social Security facing an uncertain future, the way we fund our retirement is changing too. 
And tax rates? While they may be at historic lows now, there’s no telling where they’ll be in the future and how they’ll impact your retirement income.
Event Time: 
Wednesday, July 8
5:30-6:30 pm PST
Loic Rocca, EDHEC Alumni and New York Life insurance agent, will share how can you diversify your investments and keep more of the savings you’ve worked a lifetime to enjoy. After a short presentation, we'll have the plenty of time for Q&A and networking. 
Mercredi 8 juillet 2020
17h30 - 18h30 (GMT -7)
Zoom link provided after RSVP
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Loic Rocca
Insurance Agent
New York Life

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Mercredi 8 juillet 2020
17h30 - 18h30 (GMT -7)
Zoom link provided after RSVP
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