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EDHEC Career Centre for life invite you to participate to the webinar:

Talk like a champion

In this introductory talk, entitled Talk like a Champion, we will take a deep dive into how we, as communicators, can raise our game, using some of the secrets from athletes performing at the highest level.

Good communication is at the heart of leadership.To increase your power as a speaker, take a new approach. Channel your inner athlete!
Talk like a champion is an introductory webinar on how to enhance your mindset, increase focus and reveal the great speaker within. If you are facing press interviews, headhunters, career change,internal speeches or dialogues, harness the power of athletic preparation and mindset, so you too can deliver in high stakes environments.

This webinar will follow the journey of an athlete:

⁃ Discover your inner athlete
⁃ How to increase confidence - Self talk
⁃ Ultimate preparation - with purpose
⁃ The power of visualization
⁃ Game Day - Presence
⁃ Performance - From pressure to opportunity


Emma Mufraggi

Strategic Communications Consultant and Coach, dynamic, multicultural and creative, Emma discovered her passion for coaching through elite sport.

A college hockey player and competitive Triathlete and Tennis player, she accompanies leaders and teams with a unique approach, by championing each one to think like an elite athlete and adopt a high performance mindset. 

Specializing in Strategic Communications, Emma earned her Masters Degree from ESCP, before joining the International teams at L’Oreal. She worked across the globe in Europe, America and Latin America as an International Marketing Director, before pivoting to consulting in 2009. 

She is certified in high performance mindset, and has worked with a number of game-changers, including Gabe Jaramillo, Coach to 11 number 1 Tennis stars, Agassi, Sampras, Sharapova, Seles and more. She has advised CEOs in the US as well as in Europe, and coached coaches to take their communication to the next level. She speaks 3 languages fluently, and can’t wait to push the limit of possibility with you.

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L’ALUMNI SUMMER SESSION est réservé aux Alumni EDHEC mais les webinars méthodologiques carrières, comme celui-ci, sont ouverts aux diplômés des associations partenaires du G16 Careers.

Jeudi 25 juin 2020
12h30 - 13h30 (GMT +2)
Webinar, Paris
  • Gratuit Tous

  • Date limite d'inscription : 24 juin

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