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STREAM : Share Transmit Reinforce Edhec Alumni Mentoring.

The mentoring program was initiated  in February 2014.The objective of the Mentoring programme is to make it easier for young (or not that young !) graduates to succeed in career transitions by putting them in touch with an experienced graduate who may have similar responsibilities or work in the same area or may have had a similar experience. Mentors are paired with their mentees and then meet at least once monthly for a period of five months. The mentoring relationship is based on objectives that are predefined by the two graduates.

Various tools, guides and training sessions are available to all participants to ensure a successful outcome.

 To boost your career, to capitalize on your career path, to grow and grow, get involved! Participate in the STREAM

 You can exclusively become a mentee if you are an alumni having graduated with a BBA or EDHEC Masters up to year 2019 included (2019 and before) or an MBA (student and alumni).

 On Thursday 24th of September some promo 13# participants will share their experiences with alumni interested in the programme.

It will be the occasion, after 5 months of programme, for the pairs of the promo 13#, to share  their experiences and to celebrate their success.

We will meet in the campus and by streaming to celebrate the accomplishment of the participants' objectives and also for the new promotion to meet their pairs!

Programme :

Mentoring program presentation

Participants from last promotions testimonies 

14# promotion mentoring pairs presentation.

Timeframe after the event:

  • The week after the kick-off meeting mentors and mentees will receive their mentoring kits by email.
  • Your mentoring angels will check after a month if your matchings are working properly.
  • Pairs will meet at least 3 times during a period of 5 months (you can follow our tools & framework or set up meetings using your own methods)
  • Mentoring program will end in February 2021 when you will receive an email with the mentoring survey to gather your feedbacks in order to help us to improve the program. You could participate in the February launch session for promo 15# to share your testimony with the new promotion.
Jeudi 24 septembre 2020
12h30 - 13h30 (GMT +2)
Webinar, Paris
  • Gratuit Tous

  • Date limite d'inscription : 31 août

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